Get email notifications when a deal changes stages

We want to be able to get an email notification when a deal moves from a particular deal stage to any other stage. So for example in our pipeline, we would like to receive an email notification when the deal moves from a "new request" to a "prospect."

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Yes, this is a must. Any kind of change would be of interest for the sales managers

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@RuwanW this sounds good, but wouldn't it trigger for each contact who matches this since workflows are (still only) centered around contacts? Ie. if a deal has two contacts both will trigger the notification email?
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Being able to include Deal information in automated emails would be great.  I want to be able to include data to our product team when a deal reaches a certain stage.  Which I can not find out how to do at the moment. 



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Yes, please do!

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@Anna-T the workflow above I'm pretty sure can be applied to other types of notifications, rather than just deal changes. Depends on the properties. So for example, if there's new updates about a company, then you would simply apply the above steps using the company properties.
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@RuwanW Thanks for your help. I'm not sure the workflow is really a perfect solution. It's a workaround, but maybe not worth the effort. First of all, I have to specify exactly which change I want to look at (lifecycle stage 1 --> 2, or lifecycle stage 2 -->3), which means that I'd have to create one workflow for each lifecycle stage. Then the notification won't say which deal changed stage and it won't allow me to link the deals, so Sales have to go into Hubspot to check that anyways. And then, due to the fact that I'll have multiple workflows, I'll also need multiple lists in order to let them see which deals changet to which stage. Or am I getting this wrong? If this is how it works, then I think it's too much effort, it doesn't really make Sales managers' life easier. They will get "empty" notificatoins every day and then they have to click through multiple lists to see what's going on. Or have you had a different experience with this?


I think this is an even bigger topic. What would be really great to have is what @jasonforsyth mentions: 

- See which deals are coming (and this means taking into account not only whether they're in the final deal stage before close, but also how fast deals generally move through the pipe. If it on average takes 5 months for a deal to move from stage 1 to stage 2, then revenue that sits in the final deal stage can only be expected to close in 5 months, not tomorrow.)

- See which deals are late: a proper report/notification on deals that stay within one deal stage for too long


This I think would be covered by a metric on Sales Velocity, there's another idea about that on the forum:


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 This would be super helpful and would be great information to send out to the team/upper management when a deal closes for certain amount/win reason etc.

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Why isn't this available.....


It's real crappy that we can't get notified when a deal is won...


Please put this on top of the lis.


Thanks in advance,

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Agreed. We need this yesterday.


I took a stab at it today but I couldn't figure out how to program it.


While it is possible to automate a workflow to notify a team member when a deal stage is hit, I can't automate it to notify again, for example if my company has a second deal with the same contact. Contacts can't be enrolled in the same workflow twice with these conditions for some odd reason.