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Get email notifications when a deal changes stages

We want to be able to get an email notification when a deal moves from a particular deal stage to any other stage. So for example in our pipeline, we would like to receive an email notification when the deal moves from a "new request" to a "prospect."

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HubSpot Product Team

Hi all, thanks for your suggestions / ideas. It's now possible to see when a deal changes stage, when a record is associated with another record, or if an activity has been logged on a record of interest through a new type of notification called "Follow" notifications. 


I have included a link to an article from our knowledge base below that details how to enable these here for reference:


Great, thanks for solving!


That's awesome, thanks for being responsive.


Phase 2 suggestions (because, you know, users are never quite satisfied...)


- Offer a bulk option: add a checkbox at the top of the left-most column which lets you select and follow all deals matching a specific filter 

- Add a visual cue on the card when a deal is already followed so you don't do it twice/unfollow by mistake



Agree with f-b. Need to make it easier for a manager to follow deals automatically.  Currently, it seems you have to manually follow each deal, which is a real hassle and easy to forget to do.