Get email notifications inside HubSpot


It looks like many of us would like to get notified INSIDE Husbpot when a new email from our contacts arrives, instead of having to log into our email app/account to check.

There is another thread on a different community waiting for the same reply.

Any plans on developing this kind of feature in the future?



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I totally agree! 



I can't believe this has been in discussion for 2 years and hasn't been fixed!


Feature? This is an unreal and mind boggling achilles heel. Does anyone at hubspot actually use hubspot?  I am dead serious.  Do you really leave your product to see if you have scored a goal with your product? For a crm and the sales and marketing team that uses it, what other primary goal is there than to get a reply to an email you sent from your crm?  Other than an incoming phone call, I can think of no other more important goal.  How do you improve if you can't easily measure your goals? One of the most frustrating things in tech is how long it takes, how much time- not money- one has to invest in learning a new solution, before he finds the wall.  But this wall is perplexing beyond all comprehension.  I would be embarassed by how long it took me to find it if it wasn't so preposterous.  I would like to see the ceo of hspot respond or tell me why this is an unreasonalble request.


This is very important and avoid double or triple clicks to mutiple apps.  Using HS as your main email proivder this feature is most welcome, hope Dev take this further.


Is this important point been solved? (2021)


This is a major gap - we ask out teams to live and breath in HS then in the same breadth make them work in outlook and HS. Its counter productive and inefficient.  I was led to here by the HS thinking there was some kind of update but seemingly NOT!  This feature would be a game changer. 

HS - is this in the plan yet!?