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Geo Map Report Visualization

We have Company address and Industry information, but if we want to easily plot this information on a Geographic map, I have to export this data from HubSpot and put it into PowerBi.  It would be great if a new report visualization could be created to simply allow users to plot on a map where their Companies are located and filter by industry/segment/verticle as needed.  This would help quantify our Company data in HubSpot, without having to export and recreate in another platform.

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Hi @jonobers,

We've been waiting for Hubspot to roll out this feature natively for a long time but doesn't seem to be on their roadmap.

As a workaround, you can use a third-party integration that (depending on usage) will run you $50-150/month.


GeoMapper and Mapsly seem to be the 2 that are easiest to integrate and give you the most robust set of functions.


Hope this helps!


Love this idea! My marketing team is also looking for a similar function as a built-in feature with HubSpot. We are hoping to be able to create aScreenshot 2023-06-28 152530.png report that is a map of the USA showing which states user website sessions are coming from (similar to the one we currently get from Google Analytics). With Google Analytics' recent changes we are unable to obtain this content moving forward and it's a great visual resource for our stakeholders. 


Upvoting for potential native mapping capability in HubSpot reports/dashboards in the future. Will be investigating GeoMapper until then.


I would like to have my companies appear on a map to easily plan regional travel.