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Generating QR Code

The HubSpot tool itself does not natively have a QR code generator. It would be great having this natively available as a HubSpot feature.

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November 28, 2022 01:31 AM

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I would love this feature. We've utilized a third-party service to do this for now, but QR codes for website/landing pages and the analytics reports to go with would be so helpful.


Seconding this. 


Thirding this idea

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This is the standard these days so would love it if the CMS and Form builder allowed for this. Typeform has it built in and it is a lifesaver.


What would you like to generate the QR code for ? Can you please explain more ?

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Yes Yes Yes. This is a must. QR codes are an integral part of business, marketing, reducing friction, capturing leads at events, and much more. There have been recent updates to the CTAs tool to add additional functionality and logic. Having this as a native tool housed in the CTAs tool would be amazing. We can control the redirect, see how many times it was scanned, guide the customer in the journey, add it as an asset in a campaign, and much more. This would be super helpful!


A bonus would be to build a QR code with custom colors, images, sizing, spacing, etc. This would be nice to have, but not required.


Anyone have a suggestion for a QR Code builder? I know QR Tiger is widely recognized as the best, but in the HubSpot Marketplace i read a few reviews about it not integrating with HubSpot Enterprise.  


I agree this is a no-brainer piece of the software that is lacking. I have to create QR codes elsewhere and none of the data from the QR visitor gets added to Hubspot. I want to use QR Code to share .vcf file at events and track eventual conversions in Hubspot so that I know how they originally found us. Hubspot doesn't track any metrics on files and doesn't generate QR codes so this entire aspect of my marketing efforts is untrackable in my CRM. 


This would be so helpful! There isn't a sufficient product on the app marketplace, and we've had to add UTMs to the QR codes we generate and do a workaround to track scans/page visits in dashboards. I'd love to be able to have something native to HubSpot and be able to add stats for QR scans to our reports. We use QR codes for direct mail pieces as well as brochures, etc.