Generate proposals/quotes from Deals and Products in the CRM

Create products/pricebooks, & send/receive agreements/quotes/invoices in Hubspot CRM.


In order for us to use Hubspot CRM as a stand alone CRM we'd need to be able to choose products within a deal, Calculate the Full Amount if there are multiple products in one deal, and create agreements/quotes/invoices to send (hopefully through electronic signature) to our clients.


Then of course be alerted of the returning signed agreements within CRM.

Automated Triggers throughout the agreement/quotes/invoices process would be great as well.

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Any updates on this??

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 Would love to have multiple pricelists:




and assign a customer to a pricelist so that those prices come up when creating invoice. AWESOME!!

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I would love to assist in testing the new pricebooks, etc.  I have a good amount of experience in Alpha/Beta testing and would be glad to try to break it or bow to its greatness. lol

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I would like to have access to this beta please !


Regards !


Is this a pipe dream or is there a target date for this yet? I have used salesforce extensiveley and the ability to have multiple pricebooks, add products to an opportunity or deal, add discounts, create the quote are all standard features. I am surprised that is not included in Hubspot CRM. 

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Interested in beta testing :-)

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
updated to: Delivered

Products was just launched today (11/1) as part of the brand new Sales Professional.  This feature allows HubSpot users to create a product catalog, attach products to deals in the CRM, and report on what items are actually be sold the most.  


If you're interested in learning more about Sales Professional, check out what's new here:


Or, if you already have access, learn more about using Products here:

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Hi - we too would need productizing, quoting and invoicing directly in hubspot. Currently we are using freshbooks as our invoicing tool and unfortunately the integration between hubspot and freshbooks does nothing more than sync contacs. It would be extremely helpful to have this feature direclty in hubspot, also for reporting reasons.


Do you have any kind of ETA? Is this actively being worked on?

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@sjudson - just saw your "delivered" status post after commenting. Your new Product feature, while a great start, does not offer quoting or invoicing functionality as far as I can tell - or am I missing something? Are you working on invoicing/quoting?

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I am also interested in knowing more about an invocing feauture.