Generate proposals/quotes from Deals and Products in the CRM


Create products/pricebooks, & send/receive agreements/quotes/invoices in Hubspot CRM.


In order for us to use Hubspot CRM as a stand alone CRM we'd need to be able to choose products within a deal, Calculate the Full Amount if there are multiple products in one deal, and create agreements/quotes/invoices to send (hopefully through electronic signature) to our clients.


Then of course be alerted of the returning signed agreements within CRM.

Automated Triggers throughout the agreement/quotes/invoices process would be great as well.

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@GSantos right now, no. In general we don't do a good job supporting service-based business such as yours, and we're looking to change that soon.


If on your quote you only show units of time, how do you communicate pricing to your prospects?


(If you'd rather talk more directly with me about your use-case, please book some time with me.)

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In other news, we're looking at making some structural updates to the quotes and the way we display pricing totals. To anyone interested, below are examples of you'll see in the app today, followed by the updates we're exploring.

My main question is, "Which one is easier for you to read, and why?"


Current totals section in Products:



Current quote:



Updated totals section in Products (same data as above):


Updated Quote (same data as above):


 @mlahens Hi!


We posted about Product/Quotes in the past - let me recap our use-case as this seems like a productive discussion 🙂


1. Our products are not fixed tiers or first recurring prices. it's based on usage and parameters of the client/deal.

2. We have 2 main parameters that determine the tiers - it would be great if products could be defined as recurring charge (monthly/quarterly/annually) that are set by values of a few params (traffic, and catalog size in our case)

3. If we can then have Quotes to support the above structure, that would be awesome


Our current solution is to create Google spreadsheets to manage that with formulas for each client...a huge PITA! 


If you solve the product/quotes issues, we would never leave Hubspot 🙂 


Hi @mlahens


We don't show units of time, that's the change we are trying to do. 

We want to hide the units of products, hide the units of time.

Keep only the total $ per product, without units.


Thank you.

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@AndyPitre  I love the idea and am concerned this would be at the Enterprise level only.


Hello! I want to good CRM service for my company, there are fifteen employees in my company, I want to manage to report on the employees daily bases.  And I also want to printout system of the report. My company working as Dezire Residences Dubai which deals real estate property.

I also move Hubspot CRM but no more idea about of Hubspot services. I want to try a free account, Is it secure?


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@farhashekh00  I do believe All Hubspot accounts are secure.  I have been a user for more than 8 years and have never been concerned about security.  


Hope this helps.



Is there an existing ability to turn off the "total" feature? When we give quotes/proposals, our customers are generally picking from several options, but would rarely go with all options. So, the "total" at the bottom seems very intimidating and is not always accurate. Being able to toggle that on and off would be helpful. 


Hello, anyone using Stripe integration with Hubspot Quotes and wishing there was a free trial option (client puts payment info upon signing quote but payment processing is delayed until after x days)? Please check see this new idea and upvote: