Generate proposals/quotes from Deals and Products in the CRM

Create products/pricebooks, & send/receive agreements/quotes/invoices in Hubspot CRM.


In order for us to use Hubspot CRM as a stand alone CRM we'd need to be able to choose products within a deal, Calculate the Full Amount if there are multiple products in one deal, and create agreements/quotes/invoices to send (hopefully through electronic signature) to our clients.


Then of course be alerted of the returning signed agreements within CRM.

Automated Triggers throughout the agreement/quotes/invoices process would be great as well.

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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
updated to: In Beta

Hey folks - good news, we have an early version of Quotes that is available for Sales Professional customers to start using. 


If you're interested in getting early access, please fill out this form. We'll be slowly granting access as we work out the kinks and implement feedback. 

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In addition to the great ideas about quotes, and managing the exact pricing for each deal.

we use tiered based pricing, based on # visitors to client website, and # of SKUs in the catalog, and it's not always same tiers for all clients since there are more params...I'm really looking for a way to manage this in Hubspot.


Also, we would like to calculate our sales team commission based on their that planned as well?

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@mschnitt Hey there! I am Sales Pro and requested access to your early version of Quotes via Google Sheets and would love to start using it!  Please let me know

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Great ideas in the comments above.


I'd like to call on certain product attributes in webpages and emails -- just like personalization tokens.


Hope I'm explaining that correctly. Just like I can insert "{{contact.firstname}}" in a webpage or email, I'd love to have "{{product.price}}" for example.  That way, when a price changes, I could change it once and it would update everywhere the token is used. 

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That's exactly what we need, we have been facing big challenges trying to integrate Hubspot, PandaDoc and WorkflowMax to do tasks listed here, it's awfull. A lot of rework, information that does not work with APIs...


I submitted the beta request form, it would be really nice to have a look on how it's working and see if it fits our business or if we need to keep searching for alternatives.

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There is definitely a need for these functions.

Any updates on this since 2017?





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As mentioned early on, a major hold up for the company I work for is the inability to break down revenue. 

Granted sales needs to be able to calculate "booked revenue" which is the month in which a contract comes back signed from the client. But there is also a need to be able to view "earned revenue" which is when the services are provided and clients are billed.


For instance if sales closes a deal for an advertisement in June, to run in our December publication. The booked revenue would be in December, and the earned revenue would be allocated to June once the ad runs.  

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I agree! Any updates? This feature would be so helpful for my company to be able to accurately track quotes. 

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
updated to: Delivered

I'm so excited to announce that this morning we have released Quotes to all Sales Professional portals. See details in this knowledge doc as well as information about our integration with Stripe released in conjunction with Quotes. Feel free to post new ideas on the forum about additional functionality you'd like to see us add to the Quotes feature, and to reach out to Support with any questions Smiley Happy

mvandooren Occasional Contributor | Silver Partner
Occasional Contributor | Silver Partner

Hey team. Great work on the quotes tool. Question: have you considered to integrate other payment methods besides of Stripe (I.e. PayPal) ? Our Panama-based agency is not eligible for Stripe (yet).


Thank you!