Generate proposals/quotes from Deals and Products in the CRM


Create products/pricebooks, & send/receive agreements/quotes/invoices in Hubspot CRM.


In order for us to use Hubspot CRM as a stand alone CRM we'd need to be able to choose products within a deal, Calculate the Full Amount if there are multiple products in one deal, and create agreements/quotes/invoices to send (hopefully through electronic signature) to our clients.


Then of course be alerted of the returning signed agreements within CRM.

Automated Triggers throughout the agreement/quotes/invoices process would be great as well.

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Status updated to: In Planning
HubSpot Product Team

The business that I am working in typically has contracts that have multiple payment milestones for a single deal. I would like to capture that information with the deal, and use this to make revenue / income forecasts for a defined time period. It would be even better if the individual payment milestones can be assigned an invoice ID (number/string) and a status (e.g. sent, paid, ...)

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This will be a great addition beyond issuing quotations / invoices to pipeline & forecast management as well as potentially tracking commissions for external partners or sales reps. Having line items within a deal for the likes of the following would be beneficial:

  • Custom Product or Service
  • Cost of Sale
  • List price discount
  • Standalone or recurring revenue (retainer)
  • Commission Percentage


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I just want to chime in and echo DMS's recurring revenue point. We're currently unable to use HubSpot as our CRM because it lacks the ability to recognize ongoing/long-term revenue. We're a software services company, and a "deal" for us represents a team of designers, developers, and QA's that are tasked to a client over an extended period of time. 


The way that HubSpot currently structures deals, as single lump sums, makes it impossible for us to use for our pipeline and forecasting... It's actually the only reason that we haven't trasitioned away from Salesforce as our CRM. If we win a new deal, HubSpot will place all of the revenue in the month that the deal closes, when in actuality that revenue spans 6+ months of work.


In Salesforce we can create a product schedule and forecast revenue from a single opportunity across multiple months. We invoice clients in two week intervals for the hours billed on the project. I would hope that HubSpot keeps this type of use case in mind as you scope these upcoming features.


Thank you


We would also like a field that can be checked yes/no to indicate whether something should be in our monthly forecast.  The forecast as set up within hubspot is based on the pipeline which is not necessarily how we currently calculate it.

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Ideally, the product pricebook should include: 

Product Name
Product Subscription

Duration / Term (i.e., Month, Annual, etc.)

Pricing Type (Custom Field capability to support pricing for different type of customers i.e., nonprofit, government, educaiton, etc.)

Product Family and/or Type (to be used for Vendor information, or type such as Hosting, Consulting, Training)


Kindest Regards,

Bret Peters 
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Any updates on this?

Will HubSpot's investement in PandaDoc accelerate this?


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Agree completely. We can't track revenue forecast properly at the moment as we only have 'one-line' per Deal. We need to be able to track Recurring Revenue separately from one-off charges.


100% agree that this should be a priority for hubspot to address. The lack of product line items in deals makes it difficult to adopt hubspot as a full company CRM. If you close the gap by adding this feature you potentially allow many more customers to adopt hubspot as their single CRM. would love to hear an update of how the planning is going with this feature request


100% agree as well! We really need this before making a big switch to HubSpot CRM. Any updates on it?


We would be really interested in this feature as well!

Ideally we would also like the followings to be included.

- Option of payed, yet to be payed etc. (some of products are paid via credit card before we send invoices)

- VAT, Net Amount, Gross Amount

- Due Date





Hi guys,

This has been marked as in planning since April. Would it be possible to get an update?



Status updated to: In Planning
HubSpot Product Team

Hey folks, we're getting pretty close to having an Alpha version of a products catalog available. If you're interested in joining the Alpha group, please sign up for early access here:


Otherwise, we will reach out directly as we move this into Beta. 


We encounter many payment plans for customers like slightly different terms and I need a good way of tracking this. Currently its a mess.

 For example I sold a $2,000 yesterday.

The terms being:

$200 deposit today $300 on the 31st

$500 on the 31st

$500 on sept 28th

and 5x $100 payments monthly after that

I need a good way of tracking this so I can automatically set up the payment be charged in Braintree with the API or just properly document them thanks for your help,

nd 5x $1,200 payment monthly after that is a good way of tracking this so I can automatically set up the payment be charged in Braintree with the API or just properly document them thanks for your help,



Would be really good to have product lines for the deals. So you can see what does that deal sum consist of. And also if you could construct and send quotations from Hubspot that would really great.


HubSpot Product Team

Just a reminder that products and line items are in Alpha. If you're interested in getting early access before Beta, please sign up here


+1 need this

Status updated to: In Beta
HubSpot Product Team

Creating pricebooks in HubSpot is now in beta for HubSpot Sales Pro users. This feature enables users to create a catalog of products, add those products to deals, and calculate the deal amount automatically. 


If you're a Sales Pro user interested in the beta, please sign up here:


Yes please,

we are in an urgent need for this!



Carolen Ytander, Nexus