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I think it would be very useful to have the possibility to generate a link to the subscription preference page in order to insert it in forms or in the privacy policy and be fully compliant with the GDPR request.


At the moment it is possible to link this page only in the email footer but it can be tricky to explain users where they can find the page.



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I have customers that have opted out of email last year, but they really wanted to stop getting certain types of email and now that our renewal season is here they are not getting some notices about pricing and expirations. The HubSpot opt in process is not very user friendly  and we have had people try several times to complete the process but they don't  see the text to click the link that appears below the email field. 

My Customer service manager has bee getting email dircelty from customers asking about their renewals if we could just send them a link to the preference center page and they could enter the email and make the selections that would be so much better UX. Right now we are getting frustrated internally and our clients are getting a bad CX from Hubspot and associating the experience to us.



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It would be great to be able to have such a link

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Under the email platform we are leaving for HubSpot, we are able to point our members to their custom Manage Your Subscription page via "blanket link". When they are logged under their account via our CRM, it recognizes them and points them to their subscription page. If they were to access that link not logged in, that link then points recipients to a page that asks them to confirm their email. From there, they get an email that points to their subscription page.


This is a must as we don't want to have to send our members digging through their inbox for an email in order to manage their subscription. How can we get a workaround in order?

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I agree, being able to add this link to a landing page or blog post would be extremely helpful. It would allow us to give our customers a much better experience for managing their preferences, and give us more opportunities to help them do it so that we can better communicate with them.

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Fully agree that this should be a feature. Today our workaround is to have an email template ready to send to the individual person, which links to the contacts preferences. 


It works well but should be easier....