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Generate Reports Using Hours

Currently, Hubspot reporting's smallest time increment is by day. One of the key metrics that a scaling support team needs in order to determine bandwidth and when to hire a new rep is to work out at what times during the day ticket volumes increase or decrease. 

If Service Desk reporting could start to include reporting down to hours, that would be extremely helpful to our team.

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Using indicators that compile hours will be bring important information such as when we can talk more with our customers and future customers. Identify which times of the day I find it easier to communicate through the connection task


Really good idea to track activity and employee's motivation during the day ! 


That would be great to be able to use specific hours for building reports in Hubspot.
Can we implement this, please? 


This would be very useful. I have noticed that 'Create Date' includes both Date and Time. It would be nice to utilize the Time portion to report in hours as opposed to just days.


In sales, knowing the productivity of each employee is essential, a report where I can compare the time makes us more assertive on a daily basis, creating new SLAs and filling the gaps of the day with activities that do not involve customers. That would be awesome, would you consider putting it on the roadmap? Did you have a prediction?


Yes - we run a 24/7 team... do I need 2 agents tonight or 20... who knows?!

I only know I need 22 for the whole 24 hour period...


Would be grateful to the Hubspot Dev Gods for this product enhancement!

Thank you


Is there an update on this? Hourly reporting would be amazing!