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GDPR right to information: Export of all personal data when requested by a contact

Dear product team,


This request is about a feature that allows the download of all data stored about a contact easily – without the help of a developer.


According to article 15 of the GDPR, when requested by a contact, a HubSpot customer "shall provide a copy of the personal data undergoing processing" (see here for reference:

As of now, it's not possible to export this information easily, as HubSpot stores personal data in a variety of places:

  • Contact property values (can be exported, this is the easiest part)
  • Historical contact property values (these would have to be exported one by one for each property, potentially hundreds of exports!)
  • Values and history of all associated objects (see above)
  • Activities and engagements like sales emails, notes, meetings etc (cannot be exported without third-party software or custom developed solution based on API)
  • Interaction with other tools that are not considered engagements (interactions with marketing emails, marketing forms, surveys etc)

In other words, the preparation of this export is time-consuming and requires a developer. This should be a native feature in HubSpot.


Ideally, this is not just a feature in the HubSpot app but something that can be offered as a customer-facing tool, too, as requested here:

give contacts a link so they can download their data


Thanks in advance!

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You are right, Karsten. This is a must have! Thank you for pointing us all to this topic! Jörg

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Indeed a shocker this is not already provided to the customers.
For small to medium companies that obviously need to comply to GDPR it can be a real challenge and a lot of money to spend to get all that data condensed in a readable format for the client who asks for it !

Please consider it as soon as possible on your product roadmap as it will be one more argument to push adoption to European countries.

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This would be very helpful and a powerful feature for international clients! 


That's indeed a very pressing issue if you want to keep up with GDPR standards without the hustle of having your development department ready to do their magic everytime you have a request to provide information stored in your CRM.