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GDPR delete clearer wording

Adding to the note section of the delete popup saying that if a customer emails in then the email address will no longer be black listed.


This will stop people panicking if they delete the wrong email address of a customer.

I almost looked for another ticketing system to try out because It seemed like we'd lost the ability to contact a close customer.

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Hi there!Franci_0-1694781693108.png


We've just launched our new GDPR Deletion Notice Email App on the HubSpot Marketplace!
If you've had trouble customizing the deletion process for HubSpot contact records while staying compliant with GDPR rules, we've got you covered! Our app allows users to customize their email notifications when deleting contacts in HubSpot while maintaining GDPR compliance, and the best part? It won't cost you a penny!
Here are some cool features:
1. Easily delete contacts and fine-tune those deletion emails.
2. Add a handy CRM card in HubSpot to simplify contact deletion.
3. Send email notifications to contacts after deletion to stay GDPR-friendly.
4. Personalize those deletion emails by changing subject lines, senders, and branding.
5. Add your company logo and modify email content for a personal touch.
No more struggling with GDPR-related deletions – our app is user-friendly and completely free!
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