GDPR - Anonymization of IP Adress

Hey everybody!


Within the scope of the GDPR we would like to anonymise the IP Adress, which is filled out on form submissions. 


The field "IP Adress" ist a read only field, so deleting the data manually ist not possible. 

A general function for anonymization of this data would be great and also the possibility to dele the data by a Hubspot Workflow.  Only disabling tracking on form submissions is not a solution, because in this case contacts would be created multiple times.

Furthermore, the IP Adress is also recorded for form submissions, if the user has not confirmed the cookie banner. 

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 This is a great idea - under GDPR you shouldn't be collecting any more data that what is required. Is the IP actually required? A lot of the time the IP won't represent a specific machine, so I don't really see the point?

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We currently do not need the IP address, but it is detected by Hubspot by default (capture can not be disabled either). Therefore, the function for deleting the IP address in our view is useful and necessary. After acknowledgment of Hubspot support, there is currently no function that allows anonymization of the detected IP address. The deletion of the IP address is also not possible because it is a read-only field. Another note from the support was that you should be advised to save the IP address when completing the form. For each of our forms, we have added the reference to the privacy policy and will hereby also supplement the storage of the IP address with form submissions. For which processes Hubspot needs the IP address in the analytics area, I do not know.

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In one of my latest conversations with one of HubSpot's devs, I was told that with the GDPR activation of the cookie consent IPs are anonymized until a contact fills out a form. Can anyone confirm this?  

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as a enterprise user we need this to take care of gdpr data privacy . are there any news?