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Currently, the recurring revenue analytics reporting uses the deal's close date as the start date for the recurring revenue (per this knowledge base article). However, deals are sometimes closed a few months before the billing/subscription starts and users would like to keep track of both the actual deal close date as well as specify a start date for the recurring revenue for accurate reporting (see this forum thread as well).


It would be fantastic if the start date for reporting could be indicated separately from the deal close date.

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This is very common for SAAS contracts, must have 


Definetely agree. Upvote! 


As an enterpsie SaaS business we have Deals that can include a variety of recurring and one-off products within a deal, each that have different start dates for when revenue should start being realised. We currently track ARR outside of Hubspot by exporting the data and running calculations to derive the answers we need. 


The new ARR reporting is great, however we are unable to use it because the ARR for all the products within a deal are driven by the Deal Close Date field. This means that ARR calculations for products in the deal that need to start on different dates cannot work.


I wanted to therefore post an idead to start using the product start date fields t drive the ARR for each product instead of the deal 'Close Date' as this would add extra flexibility.


could not agree more! essential as close date is not the start date - the start date of MRR/ARR should be the date on the line items! what's the purpose of that field if it is not really used?


Yes agreed! We have often stepping stones so Yr 1 = £x, Yr =Y but it means the ARR figure is currently adding them together rather than seeing that the ARR is changing each year. 


A suggestion would be to tie the Recurring Revenue start date to the line item start date.  As noted above, we close deals on a start date and client's subscription start date is often weeks later.


Agreed, this is desperately needed. I talked to a potential client just today who is going to move away from HubSpot altogether because they can't keep maintaining the inefficient process of tracking and reporting on forecasted revenue outside of their CRM. They're currently not even using the Deals function in HubSpot because they have to use Excel anyway for an accurate picture of their projected revenue timeline.


We also have this issue.


We track when our actual "Sell" starts with different personalized property and would be really helpful if we could also personlize the Revenue Analytics accordingly. By setting "Start Date" as "Specific personalized Date" would make it so much easier.


I also already submitted an idea.



HubSpot please update this Report. Otherwise, it is not usable.