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Future Rolling Date Range

The sales team needs to be able to view a report that shows upcoming close dates for deal in particular stages. Ideally, it would be a report that would show the NEXT 120 days. 


Currently, the only options for rolling date ranges are for the LAST X days.  


An option for NEXT X days is needed.

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This thread has been around since November 2018 and I'm shocked we have no plan nor acknowledgement from software development that this is in the hopper and will be released in 60 days.  This isn't hard.  IT's a date calculation that software developers do all of the time.  Perhaps the Hubspot executive team is using hard-coded reports and doesn't realize what a great value this idea is to the end-user community.  What will it take to get this done? 


Last post is from 2020. How do you not have rolling date options for reporting for future. You have some past but no future and that is critical for forecasting and all that.


Can somebody from the HS Reports Product Team provide a check-in here? Would love some follow up, as it's been 2 years since we've heard anything, this is one of many Ideas created over the last 4 years asking about the same core functionality that frankly every CRM's reporting and forecasting tools should come standard with.


Thank you!


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HubSpot Product Team

Hi @clarencey! Thanks for reaching out and continuing to share your feedback. 


I'm happy to report that we are actively working on supporting a custom rolling date range, (i.e. last x period, next x period), which would provide a future-looking view. The initial place that this will be supported is within the custom report builder, specifically with the new date range comparisons functionality, which is currently in a public beta. Alongside the update in the custom report builder, we are working with the filters team to have this added as a standard option overall.


I anticipate that the custom report builder will support a custom rolling date range for our "Compare by" beta feature this quarter, and there are plans for implementation in standard filtering later this year. For now, I'd recommend using the "days from now" option when doing future-looking filters within Lists, which can then be applied as a filter to any custom report. 

Screen Shot 2022-04-26 at 3.39.44 PM.png

I will update this thread as this work progresses, and thanks again for all of your valuable feedback!


@kit-lyman this is HUGE, glad this is finally happening! Thank you!


This feature is definitely still needed!!


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Hello ! 

Any update on this feature? Highly needed here :).



HubSpot Product Team

Hello everyone!


As always, thank you all for your continued input and patience as we worked to deliver custom rolling date periods. For now, this addition is specific to the custom report builder and its powerful new date comparisons feature.


When using the new "Compare by" channel, you're able to compare data across a specific time range. There is now a Custom option under "Filer period," which allows you to to select the date part you want to compare by (i.e. day, week, month, quarter, year) and set the number of periods you would like to include. Also, there is an option to determine whether these periods are in a next or last timeframe.


custom rolling date rangecustom rolling date range


We recognize that this is currently only offered in a specific tool within HubSpot and that it's desired to be included more globally. We have other teams that are working hard to expand this functionality to filtering options in general. I am hopeful that this type of functionality will be more readibly available across filtering by either the end of this year or early 2023. 


This feature is exactly what I need.  I will attempt to create a custom report to show this, but since Dashboard filters can only be used on standard reports, it only gets me half way there since I need to filter at a dashboard level across multiple reports by deal owner.  Is there an ETA of when this feature will be rolled out in standard reports? 


Had to sign up just to add the comment: how on earth have HS not added the future versions of these filters, when this forum shows that people have been asking for this for over 5 YEARS.



If ever there was a good dev task for a new hire it'd be this, and you'd expect it done at the end of their first day.


> I am hopeful that this type of functionality will be more readibly available across filtering by either the end of this year or early 2023.


We're now MID-2023, and still no such feature.


This is really a required feature if you're going to make a dashboard that contains any forward-leaning metrics.

+1 on this, I find it baffling.

Glad this is being worked out for Reporting. This feature is more ideal for workflows (i.e. don't send if contact has received in last 30 days) or as a suppression logic for aactive list development.


My use case is that I want to include a KPI comparison on my dashboard that shows the KPI for the current month-to-date, for last month, and for the previous month.  For Example, I could compare the KPI for enrollment in a webinar program between 2 or 3 dates.




Any hope of this being rolled out in the near future? The last update indicated that this would hopefully be a rollout in early 2023, but we're near the end of the year now and it doesn't look like there's an update...


@hubspot I can't do my job without the ability to quickly pull up my deals for the day, and any that I have missed. Tasks is not a work around, and is way too many extra steps. In general, I need to be able to say "today, or before today." Rolling dates in list view. This is so basic and its 2024. What's happening here?


It's a bit of a slip-up that you can't have a rolling date range for future forecasting. Using close date means they can have dates anywhere in future.