Future Rolling Date Range

The sales team needs to be able to view a report that shows upcoming close dates for deal in particular stages. Ideally, it would be a report that would show the NEXT 120 days. 


Currently, the only options for rolling date ranges are for the LAST X days.  


An option for NEXT X days is needed.

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It would also be good to have the ability to say number of days, not just fixed dates on date properties in the deal object, not just contact.

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@karinamariotti @guy-levine those would both be great!

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This would be exactly what we need too! With an option to select how many days in the future

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yes please!!!

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I would love to have the floating period setting also for future dates (weeks, month, quarters, year). 

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I agree!! Rolling dates for the FUTURE is so very important, but also the ability to pick 120 days or 180 days, etc. Our sales cycle is longer than 90 days, but the next option is 365 days which is too long. The reports end up being jam packed and our sales staff stop paying attention to them.

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Hubspot CRM sales reporting is so WEAK.  Future rolling dates are CRM 101.  C'mon Hubspot get your act together.   I just need all the basic stuff that Salesforce has so I can stay on Hubspot.    

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Any updates regarding this?

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This is a necessary filter for any sales team.  I'm surprised that this has been being asked for since at least 2017 without being implemented.


My specific use cases include:

1) Deals closed in the past week (after 7 days befroe TODAY)

2) Deals created in the past week (after 7 days before TODAY)

3) Deals with activity older than XX days before TODAY

4) Any task dates prior to TODAY.


TODAY = today's date, regardless of when I run the filter.

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Without this, I waste so much time updating custom date ranges on my reports! Would love to see this happen. 

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Absolutely agree with the previous comments. The ability to have rolling dates for future time ranges is crucial for any Sales Reporting! 

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I completely agree with all of these suggestions. Commercial functions are more interested in predicting future revenue performance than they are interested in describing past revenue performance. That's possible to pull from accounting software. 


We need future rolling date ranges, of a wide range of durations, to be applicable to all reports. Hubspot already have them built for the past (how is this useful?!), so just duplicate the code and tweak the relevant pieces to be forward-looking. The database doesn't mind whether a query is in the past or future. It's just a database. And the data is already there. 


Please get this implemented asap. It's super basic reporting functionality for a commercial applicaton and frustrating to see how many people are asking for it without progress over such a long period.

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+1. Need this.

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Yes, I agree... Please add:


  • last 120 days
  • Last 180 days  
  • Last 240 days
  • Last 300 days

Or if possible make it custom days. It would improve our sales reporting a lot. 

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Please, we need Future Rolling Dates Ranges too. 

Any news?

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There is another idea thread for the same thing here:




Can an admin merge it please?

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My Sales Director needs a pipeline report in a dashboard that shows the pipeline for the next 9 month so that he can keep an eye on if it goes up or down. I cant create this for him as I cant set a rolling date range in the future. I can't expect him to adjust it manually all the time!!

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Yes, that is also a necessary feature for us regarding the date in the pipeline reports. Similar as the "Last XXX days" we need "Next XXX days".


Hope this will get implemented soon, because otherwise we would need a separate reporting outside of HubSpot for this purpose.

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Absolutely, shocked how future rolling ranges is not a feature yet. This is a necessity for any kind of sales forecasting. We need to be able to see a 90 (or 120 day) pipeline......It would be awesome if we can see actual value vs goal as well.

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I can't believe they haven't responded to this post. This seems like such basic functionality.