Funnel reports: include contact in all previous stages


Funnel report based on Contact: Lifecycle Stage should have the option of populating all past stages as well.

Lifecycle stage is expected to advance through Subscriber, Lead, MQL, SQL... although we know this is not reality.

Very often contacts jump over certain stages, for example a Subscriber becomes an MQL without being a Lead first. In these cases, the conversion rates of the funnel report are not reflecting the true situation. (It doesn't help to choose between "all" or "any" stages in the report settings.)

There should be an option to include the contacts in all previous stages. So if someone becomes an MQL, they would be shown in ALL the previous stages as well, to make the conversion rates useful.

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Agreed. Any or All is not enough to help with reporting. It either leaves out contacts or duplicates them in different stages.


Agreed, and the same on the deal stages funnels too!