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Funnel View Report for Custom Contact Field

HubSpot's Lifecycle is incredibly limited - we don't run our business against these very general and limited value. 


We have a custom field we have created for our own marketing lifecycle and use automation to set this field value based on different criteria. Coming from Marketo, where I could create my own funnel versus being locked into an existing one, I would expect a company as innovative as HubSpot to have figured this one out. 


We need to be able to create funnel views on dashboards using custom contact fields. Currently this funnel view is locked into HubSpot standard values. Minimally we should be able to see how many contacts are in what stage of our funnel in this view and also the rate that leads are moving to the next stage.

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I'd like a similar upgrade to the funnel reports. We have a customer property of 'enquiry date' in our deals. 


We need to be able to filter by that, rather than create date which is the only way of reporting by date at the moment.


I am adding my vote on this - I am stunned that it's not possible to use custom lifecycle stages in funnel reporting - it basically means there is no real purpose for the custom lifecycle stage (this option shouldn´t be offered as an alternative to Hubspot lfecycle stages as it beats the purpose when you can't report based on it).


Please re-think this as im not sure if Hubspot is the correct tools for us otherwise.




I would love this! 


Struggle with turning off all elements of automation with the Hubspot lifecycle stages. Would be great if we could build our own version of a funnel report.


100% needed.


We also use our own funnel, both for acquisition and retention.


We need to be able to organise our campaigns against them, as well as to do our reports around our own values.


It should be easy to set the steps of a funnel based on the value of some field.

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I agree that building funnel reports and conversion data off of more than just the lifecycle stages is crucial. Especially for Enterprises with long buying cycles, because within each stage, there are multiple touchpoints, and being able to see what's working and what's not at a high level in order to dig deeper is so important. At the very least, being able to better visualize a customized funnel report with conversion rates in HubSpot as something other than just contact count or a bar graph would be fantastic.


Additionally, being able to build out a custom channel sources report by lifecycle stage would be fantastic. I have spent so many hours over the years recreating the traffic analytics report in a spreadsheet and manually pulling the data from filtered lists because seeing that source information in one place is so valuable but it's based on contacts who could be anything from spam to internal contacts rather than lifecycle stages.


With regard to the limitation of the lifecycle stages themselves, I have had a conversation with so many agency partners that HubSpot's default stages are not helpful for sales teams. As someone above noted, PQLs are something that HubSpot itself identified in 2018 as being a separate segment and stage from MQL or SQL: and very important.


I completely agree. We also have our own/custom lifecycle stage field and we also need to see how these are moving through the funnel, conversion rates, etc. 


Hi Hubspot team, 


There has been a problem with this limitation since 2018. Three years later, there is still no solution?
I think being able to edit stages or being able to create custom funnels is a necessary feature for all of us using Hubspot today.

I hope the Hubspot team will take this into consideration to improve it as soon as possible. 


[It should not be such a complex functionality to create compared to all the other functionalities you have.]


Only can say yes and yes! This would be helpful for sales as well.


Hubspot must have really Fddd up with some early architectural decisions on the product for this to be such a difficult task to fix.


Searching for the same functionality. Been searching for it for years.


This is a must-have for sales teams as they watch very closely how their funnel changes. We use our own customer lifecycle with 4 stages + time stamps and we have to constantly measure the conversion rates through each of them. This feature must be available so we don't have to either export the data, or use 5-6 report instead of one.


We use a custom lifecycle stage and it is impossible to have a funnel report that shows conversion rates. This is crucial for any business looking to see conversion rates and funnel reports. 


Upvoted and want to say again that this is another odd limitation. In many ways Hubspot Has been a wonderful product to use but time and time again we run into issues of flexibility. Some of this has been addressed with custom objects and custom reports so why not this? Why isn't funnel another visualization in the custom report builder ?



Couldn't agree more.  This seems like a basic request and one that would allow us to get real value out of all this functionality. Without this flexibility, the funnel report is just taking up space and forcing us to find an alternative solution.  There are 160 upvotes asking for many does it take?


Thsi feature is definitly needed , there is no option to diplay any other funnel than default one 😕 evrything need to be exported and disply externaly.
1 click more HS guys pls!


I would like to voice a strong +1 for this. 

I would like to create my own funnel using certain custom properties - the standard lifecycle stage porperties are far too generic for our purposes. This would be a very powerful feature and much more useful than the reports currently available which are a bit clunky for our use case (I end up trying to re-create a funnel basically). I can't imagine it would be too difficult to implement this.



Dear Team, 


you kind of have us hamstrung with this. 

1) we can't edit lifecycle stage fields to work for us, and therefore can't make a funnel

2) you let us make custom properties to create the actual stages we need, but then we can't make a funnel report out of it. 


One or the other needs to be explored. Probably making funnel reports for the custom properties would get the best bang for buck. 


Yes! We would also need this idea. We are using business units and have different lifecycle properties in each business unit - we need a way to track funnels for both lifecycle properties! 


Hello dear Hubsopt Team,
I am now joining this over 2 years old discussion! We also use custom properties and a very big advantage would be a funnel filter feature or an report. I don't understand why HubSpot can't get this done even after several years! Perhaps this issue could be escalated up the ranks internally once so it can finally be programmed in.


HubSpot never stops to amaze me with the lack of some very basic, easy and logical features in an otherwise strong product.


We all have different sales processes, with different stages and touchpoints. The fact that you can only create funnel reports with the non-editable Lifecyle propery and the deal stages is a big deficency. The fact that this was reported 4 years ago and there has been no further actions on this... that's just astonishing.


In my opinion, there should be two things here:

  • Editable Lifecycle property for contacts
  • Hability to create funnel reports with other custom properties

Agree with the sentiment above, our business has different lifecycle stages to what Hubspot has designed and the fact that we can't edit or use customised lifecycle properties and then report on their transition through the customer journey funnel is infuriating. Please fix this.