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Funnel View Report for Custom Contact Field

HubSpot's Lifecycle is incredibly limited - we don't run our business against these very general and limited value. 


We have a custom field we have created for our own marketing lifecycle and use automation to set this field value based on different criteria. Coming from Marketo, where I could create my own funnel versus being locked into an existing one, I would expect a company as innovative as HubSpot to have figured this one out. 


We need to be able to create funnel views on dashboards using custom contact fields. Currently this funnel view is locked into HubSpot standard values. Minimally we should be able to see how many contacts are in what stage of our funnel in this view and also the rate that leads are moving to the next stage.

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I came to post a similar request. I have a field called Lead Status where I am watching my contacts progress and want to see the conversion progress and velocity in a funnel report. We have our Lifecycle Stage field sycned between Companies and Contacts, so the default is not helpful for understanding how contacts are progressing or stalling.


Yes, we also have a custom field that we can see the history on but we are unable to actually generate a useful report of this. We would like to have this functionality ASAP!


Agree that this is a real failing. Why include the property history if you're not able to use it in any analysis? If the logic already exists for a funnel it would be a minor UX change for a huge UX benefit to allow you to create custom funnels.


This would be of such great help!


It's also TOP prio need for us to get resolved. Custom property lifecycle stages based funnels and - reporting would be essential to be able to properly measure cross-marketing and -sales progress on multiple services' products' environment. With Hubspot Enterprise that promotes scalability and ability to manage multiple product domains lack of this functionality is really surprising and handicapping issue that we hope gets fixed soonest.

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We use Databox for data visualizations from Hubspot, analytics tools & digital marketing accounts sources to form an overview of all our metrics. I would really want HubSpot to be able to create a funnel report based on very specific custom filters, especially so for Enterprise customers. 


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We too would love to get this implemented. We're running Q1 metrics with a manual funnel since we are using custom life cycle stages, and it would be ideal if we could auomate this for Q2.


It is ridiculous to force-fit the way we define the lifecycle stages to the generic one HubSpot provides. The custom lifecycle field is as good as nothing. As a major marketing automation tool in the market, it is expected of HubSpot to have some flexibility at least when it comes to an important property like 'lifecycle stage'. 

Also, I don't get why there is a lifecycle stage for the company if you don't let us do funnel reporting on that. Again, that is crucial as more and more companies are looking at Account Based Marketing and reporting at an Account/Company level. 


Seems like a no-brainer. If you truly believe in positive User Experience, then your users should easily be able to replicate any default report with their own data sets and custom properties. We have a trial of Hubspot Sales Enterprise, but won't be purchasing, partly due to the extremely limited data reporting capabilities. Thjis is an area where Hubspot should excel! Low-hanging fruit, people!


I just finished building our custom funnel in Hubspot and figured out there is no way to build a custom funnel report using these fields. At least if I could edit the Lifecycle stage fields I could make it works but, that's not possible. We pay for the Hubspot dashboard add-on but, it looks like I would have to visualize my marketing funnel in another dashboarding software 😕 .


Please add the possibility to create a dashboard funnel using a custom field.


Actually kind of shocked that this isn't available. This is super basic functionality. The lifecycle Hubspot forces you into is VERY old-school enterprise focused. Does not fit what most SaaS companies are using today. It doesn't include an option for PQLs, for example. 

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So does anyone from HubSpot want to address this issue?

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Hi everyone,

My name is Davis and I'm the product manager for marketing reporting and attribution at HubSpot.
At this time there are no plans to develop this idea. We are not writing this idea off entirely - our team is working on a number of other features and improvements at the moment. 



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@dmastin understand this is not on the current project slate, but curious to know if any of the projects in process relate to more flexible reporting for marketing, not just setting up a funnel report for custom contact property, but also the ability to filter by original source, etc. Essentially, any marketing conversion tracking/reporting tools in the queue?


This would be incredibly useful for us as a report. Thanks!


Yes! Would love to see something like this. I don't know why we are so limited with the funnel reports. We should be able to customize them more!


Adding my vote.  Definitely need this to help use Hubspot as a sales platform and not just a marketing platform.


We are a product led software as a service company and we definitely need funnel metrics that don't match Hubspot's out of the box lifecycle funnel reporting. Please add this functionality as there have been many votes for this and I'm sure there will continue to be this need.


The fact that "Lifecycle Stage" is uneditable makes it pretty much useless. No business is run on uniform funnel steps like that. "Lead Status" is what we've been using instead and it could really use the funnel step conversion report that "Lifecycle Stage" gets.


thank for suggesting databox @Shaunyim . I will give it a try. Which report in Databox are you using for funnels?


But I really expected Hubspot to have this built-in. Its such a must have.