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As many may have noticed, big brands are starting to add in the option to view UI in Dark Mode. When we send out an email, our branding currently uses dark text - as most email clients (up until now) have had a light background. If we were to send out an email with our current logo and the user views it with their UI set to Dark Mode, it will appear like this:

dark mode.png

We have reached out to find out whether HubSpot can send out the suitable logo version (either light text or dark text) depending on the user's interface preference, but there is currently no support for this.


Has anyone else experienced this same issue? We are not interested in changing our branding just to resolve this issue (some suggestions have been to add a stroke around the text or change the shade of the writing...)


Can HubSpot please consider support for this? We believe the inclusion of Dark Mode as a UI option will only increase going forward.




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Would love to see this as well. It's an essential feature especially as more and more people are switching to dark mode!


Considering how different emails look in dark mode, this is a critical tool we need. I also think anyone sending email out of hubspot no matter what account level should be able to preview their email in dark mode. I'm working out of a marketing starter account, and I don't know how to update the email so it looks good no matter who receives it. This is more than aggrevating and I don't have a way around it. 




We are having this same issue. 


its been 3 years since people were rising this issue... any solution yet?


Upvote! It's an issue for us, too. 


We need it too!

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Hi team,

Raising this up for a customer here.

Would be great if we can have more control over what to display when users are using dark mode vs non dark mode (e.g. when dark mode > display white font etc.)

Thank you!


Add me to the list of people who NEED this!

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We definitely need this too!


Ok, 3 years later and still no solution. Being able to preview an email in darkmode is a start - but all that does is show us how bad it looks 🤣 Surely there must be a way to set button, row background and text colours to be either forced, or at least a secondary option for when it displays in dark mode by now?

The recent Outlook update on Mac for dark mode completely ruins the readability of our emails.

Come on dev team - you've had 3 years, can we get an update on this please?


Please add this to the marketing hub ASAP!!!


We're experiencing the same issue with the dividers showing up as white bars even though we would prefer them to be dark in dark mode, so that they become invisible. Hopefully this can be resolved soon!