Full-Screen reports & dashboards and public url

I would like to display my dashboard on a screen in full screen mode (TV Wall).
But the HubSpot menu and the editing buttons don't display this fully.


So we need an option to

a) display only the report blocks from a dashboard (without menu etc) or

b) display individual reports in full screen?


Another good option then would be to share public urls to show someone a dashboard without having to login into HubSpot

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I think a lot of people would benefit from this. We are wanting to have dashboards in my production area so the teams know how they are pacing to their goals, but when you cast the dashboards on a TV screen, there is no "display mode". Also, being able to select how you want it to view would be helpful. For example, two rows of three. Please develop this ASAP!

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I also hope to share it as a performance indicator for the agency.
I think it would be nice if you could have an account that can only share dashboard views.

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We desperatley need this as well.

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In addition to that an option to share Dashboards to Slack would be awesome as well.. 

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This is an important feature. I can only see 5 records at a time in my individual LEADS report. The alternative is to download a file, but then I'm not in the HS tool anymore to take action. Please escalate a fix for this. Thanks!

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We were looking for something like this too. One option that we found in the meantime:


Make a dashboard with just one report on it - the one you want to display. Since you only have one report, you can resize it on that dashboard to be fullscreen width. If you make your browser fullscreen (F11), and zoom your browser in you can make it so the report fills up the screen (not perfectly, but good enough).


We've also added extensions to our firefox browser to auto-refresh the browser window (this one works well enough: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/tab-auto-refresh/) and we also run a small "auto-tab" program on our PC connected to our display/monitor. Here is the program we use for that: https://www.softpedia.com/get/System/System-Miscellaneous/AutoTab.shtml.


This combination allows us to have multiple dashboards on several windows and we toggle through them with the auto-tab, and we refresh the dashboards with the auto-refresh tool (otherwise the dashboards don't automatically update). 


Hopefully this helps someone else!

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Anyone hear if this is going to be put into action? Our leadership team really wants scheduled reports/dashboards sent to them, however, the reports only show a few rows and require a redirect back to the HubSpot dashboard. I was hoping to get a more robust scheduled export that allows you to view the entire report. It's weird how the reports ask if you want filters before scheduling the send, and when the email is received it includes zero filtered options.