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 One for the most frustrating elements to Hubspot is the email builder. To have to build a template for an email that requires a slightly different layout just quadruples the time to make the email.

Many other tools that we use in parallel with Hubspot allow for a front end drag and drop email builder. This gives you the freedom to adjust the word within a template but also add/remove module with ease.


Please implement asap as this has become the norm across lots of marketing tools.

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I agree. Hubspot leads in so many other great areas. I'm shocked that we are forced to create a completely new template every time there is a slight variation in the email layout. The current system is EXTREMELY clunky, time consuming and a disservice to Hubspot users. I can build a webpage in Wordpress in a matter of minutes. It takes me upwards to an hour to build out an email from scratch if I want it to have any creative design. A deal breaker for me and, if not signed into a 12 month committment, would have probably looked elsewhere. Hubspot, when can we expect a better solution to this?

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I totally agree. This has been a major point of frustration for clients of mine who have been used to working in Mailchimp and other drag and drop builders. We were so tired of having to build new templates from scratch every time we needed a slight change that we developed our own template to workaround it. However, it's still not as intuitive as a drag and drop builder. 

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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This is something I really would like to see added as well. 

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Is there a timeline in which Hubspot will make a drag and drop available for customers? 


I would love to create a template for my marketing managers to use where they can rearrange the layout of the email yet keep the foundations of the design the same ensuring consistent branding and ease of use for them. 

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Is there any update to this? This is a pretty frustrating part of HubSpot. If I would have known the email builder was so limited I wouldn't have come on board....

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I couldn't agree more!

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YES!! Please. I can't tell you how many times I have wanted to just give up on hubspot emails because of how difficult it is to create emails. Constant Contact, Mailchimp, and Emma have such nicer ways to create emails. I would really like it to be more functional like those. It is so limited with photos and tables and they always look weird when I send out a test. I have to do so much extra work because of this. 

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 Could you please give us an estimated date on this? We really need this feature!

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Yes please I would like an estimate time too. I have recently moved to HubSpot and my management team are pressuring me to send email campaigns from the system. I am reluctant to move away from MailChimp as it has a much better email building system (I would like Hubspot to be more like mailchimp), and the HubSpot email builder is embarresing and very time consuming to use. As I had to convince our management team to invest alot of money toward HubSpot, I am now suffering the pain of the new email builder.