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 One for the most frustrating elements to Hubspot is the email builder. To have to build a template for an email that requires a slightly different layout just quadruples the time to make the email.

Many other tools that we use in parallel with Hubspot allow for a front end drag and drop email builder. This gives you the freedom to adjust the word within a template but also add/remove module with ease.


Please implement asap as this has become the norm across lots of marketing tools.

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Please add this!! It would save so much time and be so helpful!


 Can´t wait to get this feature!


This is a #1 pain point for our clients using the email tool in HubSpot. Many are not savvy with design manger and find it frustrating that they can't manipulate the modules from the email editor. Even for those of us who are savvy at using design manager, we find ourselves creating templates over and over again because it's not easy to see what layouts we have already created.


There is a beta drag and drop builder now. Our company is in the Beta and its a game changer for their email services.


I agree that the Beta drag and drop builder is awesome. We are using it and it's saved a ton of time creating our monthly e-newsletter.

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For those of you waiting for the drag and drop beta to be released, I recently created an email template that uses a custom block module that lets you create as many models as you need. It makes the email content length flexible but still works within the limitations of HTML based email templates.


Also, if you decide you want to rearrange them you can drag and drop them into the order. So this functionality makes things flexible but works within the constraints of table based HTML emails.


Would appreciate any feedback you have:





Or you can reach out to the support team and ask to be included in beta, which I did and I'm enjoying now this new great tool 🙂

Status updated to: In Beta
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Hi all, wanted to share an update with you on this, been a while.. 


We've been working away adding some much needed polish on the beta drag and drop email editor and are at a stage now where pretty much everything you can do in the current editor, is possible in the drag and drop editor. We'll very soon be releasing support for smart content, blog/RSS emails, and resubscribe and double opt-in emails. We're not too far away from releasing this new editor for all customers, but I wanted to keep the status of this post updated in the meantime and share that it is indeed in beta. If anyone is interested in getting access to it in advance, pop me a mail to shay[at] and I can get you set up with it. 


Super excited to hear what you think, we're pretty proud of how far the new editor has come. 


Please do build drag and drop capabilities into emails so that we can start with an existing template and then add/remove parts. This would also be helpful for landing pages.  It's possible to do if you go through the back end builder, I think, but I'm not as familiar with that yet, so it would be dramatically easier to have more of those capabilities to lie on the front end with drag-and-drop modules.   There should be a default setting that allows all or some email /landing page editors to automatically have those options in email and landing page editing mode without having to add them to the templates in design builder first.  Thank you!

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Hi All, I am happy to say i am updating this to delivered as we have released the new drag and drop email builder in 2019.