Freeze the first column (with contact or company name)


There have been a lot of posts asking to freeze the first title row, but I'm surprised there's not more requests for freezing the first column, like you often do in Excel.


Right now, I can edit the columns available to view under table actions (which is super), but realistically, I can only view ~5 of those columns at a time anyway, before I have to scroll over to the right to see more of which point I no longer am able to see which company/contact's row I am on (unless I manage to continuously hover my mouse over that row while scrolling right). 


Please make it so I can freeze the first column with contact/company name!

PS a bonus level would be to have the option to freeze multiple columns as well, but the first is absolutely the most important.

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All of this. I use the contacts filtering A LOT and have so many columns that Im looking at. By the time Im done scrolling to the right Ive basically forgotten who I was looking at. 


Would also be great if the width of the columns were even a fraction easier to resize.


Yes, please add this funtionality to the first columns in lists!!! It would be extremely useful to freeze it and scroll easily! 


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I don't understand what you are doing in the above screen shot. Can you please add more details?