Freeze header row in Contacts view

I would love to see HubSpot freeze the header row in the Contacts view. 


If I have 100 contacts in my view, and I'm selecting 3 contacts down the list, I have to scroll up to the top to Assign or Edit these contacts. I would love if the header was omnipresent so I wouldn't have to scroll up. 

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Was about to suggest this too.  Please freeze header so field names are still there as you scroll down contacts. thanks, 

Jemma Freeze header bar2.JPGHeader bar in viewno header bar.JPGWhen scroll down contacts it disappears

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I completely agree. Thanks for positng Jems212!

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It would make life easier if the table header and the table body could spearated so it can then be fixed relative to the columns below.

Much like the freeze panes option in excel where the header didn't move with a vertical scroll, and the checkboxes didn't move with a horzontal scroll.

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I 100% agree and upvote this suggestion. Such a basic functionality you thought they wouldn't miss this one!

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Yes and also on the Companies page as well.

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I really wish Hubspot would do something about this soon!

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My dev team has offered to make this happen for you, HubSpot. Super simple and EXTREMELY impactful on UI. Make this happen.

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Hey Hubspot people, why don't you hire @tomtuttle to give you hand? I think it will really improve UX and it is such a basic feature that you need to implement.

Would be good if someone from Hubspot actually acknowleded these requests...


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We really need this - the header row should be locked in place so we don't have to guess which field we are looking at. ALSO - REALLY WOULD LOVE TO SEE THE NAME (first column) LOCKED, TOO! when scrollling from left to right to see more columns, we lose track of who are are looking at. Similar to Excel, option to freeze would be awesome!

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Is Hubspot ever going to do anything about this? Thinking of moving to Insightly if Hubspot can't sort this out!