Freeze header row in Contacts view

I would love to see HubSpot freeze the header row in the Contacts view. 


If I have 100 contacts in my view, and I'm selecting 3 contacts down the list, I have to scroll up to the top to Assign or Edit these contacts. I would love if the header was omnipresent so I wouldn't have to scroll up. 

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It seems that after almost 2 1/2 years - this much-needed change has been implemented!

I'll be locked away in an office shedding tears of joy Smiley Surprised

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Apologies - I got a little bit ahead of myself.

The top row freeze was there for about an hour but it seems to have been rolled back as it was been deployed a bit too early and was super glitchy. I will now be locked away in an office shedding tears of sorrow.

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It would be good to be able to freeze the 1st horizontal column in any list view also.  For example, the name of a company or contact would be nice to know when scrolling through different columns in a list view.  Having this for all list views would be great.  As mentioned by several contributors, similar functionality to Excel with freezing panes would be ideal.

Status updated to: Delivered
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Thanks for updating this!

The frozen header was a much needed and welcomed update, although I would say this idea hasn't fully been delivered yet, because the header does not remain frozen when selecting multiple items... it is covered up and disappears completely, making the header row useless when selecting multiple records at once.


Any idea if this is something in the works?




@NCO  @bkeller  you beat me to it, but is it possible to move the banner that appears when multiple selected so it doesn't overlap the header row and instead just bumps it down?


my team jumped for joy when we shared the news about the beta. hopefully further refinement can be incorporated before it is rolled out to everyone.

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Since this idea is considered delivered, does anyone know if there is a new idea out there to freeze the header row when multiple items are selected? Thanks!

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@bkeller any insight to share here?

The hidden header row when selecting multiple items is a much needed update - is it on the roadmap in any capacity?