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Free the content. Conversation Templates = Marketing Emails

Communication content is content. If my organization has the same message to communicate to our target market (Marketing Contacts), prospects active in our funnel (Sales contacts) and our Customers, we cannot create a single message with personalization tokens and send custom messages that treat each contact and the contact's relationship to us appropriately. Conversation Content is always Sales oriented. Marketing Email is just that, restricted to Marketing and marketing rules. And Customer communication must either be written one by one or treated like one of either Marketing or Sales communication because there's no other way to treat it.


Disassociate email type from content. Templates and Emails are content.


The content of a Marketing Email is kept distinct and separate from a Conversation Template. It is as if we are applying separate Marketing and Sales department mentalities to the system and unnecessarily creating a division/barrier based on departmental functions of Marketing and Sales to Hubspot. This fractures what should be a single business system. The system should be a whole with cconfiguration capabilities for divisions and separations based on a Hubspot client's organizational structure and the Hubspot client's individual user role authorizations. 


We should be able to create content and based on user authorization be able to access snippets, documents, images, and other saved content. Authorization to view, edit, and/or use content should then follow rules based user authorizations, Communication Subscriptions, Workflows, Sequences, and 1 of the 3 unique types of email: 1) Marketing, 2) Sales, 3) Customer, (this later type needs to be created and I've entered the request as a separate idea.) Today, we have a Communication Subscription type for Customer Service/Care but we only have email content for Marketing or Sales.