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Would be great if HubSpot would implement the forward to a friend feature!

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Hey @Compuware as Pablo referenced above this can be done using the HubSpot CTA tool / including forward links. Furthermore the Social Sharing module used in HubSpot's default page and email templates also include this feature. Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 11.36.37 AM.png







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This is a great workaround.  I'm using something very similar now, but I love how clearly she's sharing this insight. 



Unfortunately, it would also be great if it would actually forward the email itself and not a web version of the email.    It seems a bit odd for many folks to use, particularly in an era in which folks don't like to click on seemingly random links.   Thanks!



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Hi there, what about creating a CTA in an email that says "Share with a colleague" so the user can simply click that button and it would essentially open an email they could forward to any email address. Possible??

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I also agree this would be a benefit to have. To be able to forward interesting content right from the source without major time involved in creating the solution by the click of a button

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I'm just here to UPVOTE this idea. I would love to see a native forwarding function that allows recipients to share content to multiple emails and Hubspot track "who" sent "what."

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Native forwarding function is essential for us, and whilst you can do a workaround - Can we just make marketers' lives easier and integrate that functionality, please?