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Forward to a friend

Would be great if HubSpot would implement the forward to a friend feature!

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You can create a CTA or link to forward to a friend. 

I usually use this website to create the personalized email - http://www.cha4mot.com/t_mailto.html


As well I use the Tracking link builder (in HubSpot) in order to see how many people are created from the Forward to a Friend.


Hope this helps.


Hey @Compuware as Pablo referenced above this can be done using the HubSpot CTA tool / including forward links. Furthermore the Social Sharing module used in HubSpot's default page and email templates also include this feature. Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 11.36.37 AM.png








Thanks for the posts. And understand as we currently creating CTAs for this feature. However, we should not have to "know" code for desired content to render. Also, by "mailto" you are limiting the tracking of how many times an individual my have forwarded. With a native Forward to a friend it typically allows the user to send to one individual at a time and then renders a send more to repeat the process. It's also cumbersome to continue to create a net new CTA for every email you may want to use this feature in. In the previous marketing systems we have used this was native and part of the personalization.


As for the social sharing. That can be yet another idea to post. As our company is available on various social channels and also have our own blog post. With the "out of the box" social sharing channels in HubSpot we are limited. There is no ability to add other sources: instagram, flipboard, our blog, etc.


In the meantime, we are currently using what we can on our landing pages with the out-of-the-box social. For our emails we have resorted to adding custom code to our templates.






I'm running into issues using the CTA and mailto link.  It doesn't actually forward the content of the email.  How are you accounting for that?




Neues Mitglied


I was at the Fundatmentals training on Monday 27/11/17 with Sheena and she said there is a work around for forwarding an invitation. Would you please be able to provide me with this information?


Many thanks,

Carolyn Levin


Pablo, how did you insert mailto address in the CTA tracking URL builder? I have no choice to insert http:// or https:// and it's not a valid address with mailto:email@domain.com


Hi @Mathieu,


You can insert a mailto link in a CTA by following the steps here.


Hi @jennysowyrda - while the documentation provided is helpful it's cumbersome. If would benice to have the feature where you do not have to customize your own string. 


Hi--I know this post is old, but I just encountered a customer with this request and I found an awesome resource provided by HubSpot user.





Thanks for sharing @noamkahn!


cc @Stephanie-OG thanks for creating such great content! Smiley feliz