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Forward to a friend CTA

A native option to forward emails on to friends through CTAs would be great. Would help marketing efforts run more smoothly and grow email views.

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This is really important for us in order to do referral programs. 


Hubpost is this feature" Forward to a frined" availale? This is a very useful and common CTA for present subscribers to forward their inbox email , HS capture the new recipients email address to then become a new subscriber and take advantage of the 'forwarded email'. Can you provide an ETA?


We don't need to capture the person's address to whom it has been forwarded since that's a bit dodgy and likely violates CAN-SPAM, GDPR, etc.


However, I do want a simple way to something that launches the native email program and populates it with a link to the web version of the email and a link to subscribe. It can be a CTA, image, link, etc.