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Forward to a friend CTA

A native option to forward emails on to friends through CTAs would be great. Would help marketing efforts run more smoothly and grow email views.

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This is really important for us in order to do referral programs. 


Hubpost is this feature" Forward to a frined" availale? This is a very useful and common CTA for present subscribers to forward their inbox email , HS capture the new recipients email address to then become a new subscriber and take advantage of the 'forwarded email'. Can you provide an ETA?


We don't need to capture the person's address to whom it has been forwarded since that's a bit dodgy and likely violates CAN-SPAM, GDPR, etc.


However, I do want a simple way to something that launches the native email program and populates it with a link to the web version of the email and a link to subscribe. It can be a CTA, image, link, etc.


Great idea!!!

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What is the timeline for implementing the 'Forward to a Friend' feature for email editor? This should be a standard basic feature in a marketing automation platform.  Seeing clicks to this feature would allow marketers to see if contacts are forwarding emails or not, and we can make informed decisions based on that information.


Using source code is not ideal or efficient for lean marketing teams that have few staff to implement emails and may not have coding experience.


This would be sooo helpful!