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Dear Hubspot-Community,


is there any chance to use the forwarding feature of mails in the german language? The problem while forwarding mails is that keywords are missing and, thus, it is not recognized in hubspot. So, it would be amazing to change the language that is accepted by the hubspot forward engine. 


Is there any chance to see that change/feature?


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Dr. Dirk Metzger

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Necessary Feature for german user.

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Great idea. This should be implemented asap.

Is there a chance to use german outlook and add a automatic forward rule by using the right wording
... Forwarded message.. and sent this reply to hubspot?

Currently I don't know syntax hubspot ist reqeusting?
Maybe someone can provide this information.


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Definitely necessary!

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very important feature for us

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A workaround is to translate the important labels within the message you forward, like:
Von -> From
Datum -> Date
Betreff -> Subject
An -> To

This worked for me...

But THIS CAN'T BE THE SOLUTION of this problem. Not every member of our organization is willing to go this awkward way.  It shouldn't be that difficult to check for those four german phrases. I highly ask for a fix from Hubspot!

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HubSpot translated the whole application to German language, offers certifications in German and we can contact a german speaking support, BUT have to use other applications like the mail client in another language to forward mails to HubSpot? That's strange.

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in the meantime we found a work arround for this problem.
We are using outlook (German version) connected via "Posteingangstyp: IMAP+SMTP".


Problem was fixed in two steps.
1.) Change 2 Options in outlook (see picture)

2.) Create a Quickstep Forwarding "macro"


Since we did this two changes we are able to forward answers via usage quickstep macro into hubspot.

Most important is the number of 10 "-" charcaters before and after the string "Forwarded message" in quick step Text: -Box.

hubspot-step1.jpgStep 1hubspot-step2.jpgStep 2


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Thanks, Roland-H for finding the right checkboxes.

It still would be good to have an international solution, as we have different Mailclients and languages.



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Fully Agree: please also accept the German "von" the same as the english "from" in forwarded emails.


Right now my customers have to click forward, scroll down, replace the German "von" with the English "from" and click send - quite cumbersome to explain it to my German-speaking HubSpot customers.... Especially during onboarding the sales guys typically give me blank stares and reply something like "this tool is not for us..."

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I also please you guys to fix that problem. We use gmail as a client and as I know there is no such workaround - and also if there would be one, as an international acting SAAS-Tool you should be able to fix that problem, that apparently is known since almost two years now.




HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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Hi HubSpot Community,


Thank you all for the continued feedback on this post. We've added support to the forwarding address for all supported languages. More information on the forwarding address can be found here here.