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Forward an email to any contact record in Hubspot

Hi there.  What I want is simple. It is Blue Sky. It is also lazy and unfair to ask for. 


I want, at the end of an email chain, to be able to forward to any record I want in Hubspot.   Even if the contact's email was at the very beginning, and the rest of the thread is internal. 


You know how it goes. A client writes. Everyone then talks about it internally, leaving off the client.  That email needs to go, with the whole subsequent internal discussion, onto the Hubspot record for the client.  The only way to achieve that is to press forward, copy the text removing any unnecessary automatic signatures blah blah, and then paste into "log an email" on the client's record. 

I will do this because I work from home on a desktop computer, and because I document compulsively. My colleagues on their cell phones will not do it. Everything remains in email. 

I have no way to know if they copy-pasted something (though I can assume they didn't).  I don't see 75% of their conversations anyway. 

In short, the only way those things will get into Hubspot is if they can somehow forward to that specific contact record in Hubspot after it's all done. The only hope. 

Here is the note from Hubspot specifically stating that what I want can't be done. 

"Please note: if you reply to an email, then forward the email thread to HubSpot, the email will not log to the contact's record. After a reply, the email header changes, and the forwarding address is unable to support the header in this format."

I get it. But we can dream, can't we? 

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So a colleague just got off the phone with a potential partner. That colleague is not going to record the conversation in any way. I have to prompt him to tell me what happened by email. I would like for his email response to be able to land in Hubspot, somehow.  If he BCCs that email, it will land on 1) his record 2) my record.  It won't land on the potential partner's record, which is where I need it. 


My only solution is to wait for him to respond, and then do all the copy-pasting myself to log the call in Hubspot.  This is busywork I would like to avoid.  






Similarly I want to eb able to forward an email created in Hubspot, but there is no way to do this currently.


The same again, I too would like to be able to forward an internal email to a contact record.