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Forward a Contact from HubSpot Marketing and/or Sales

Several of our sales team members have requested a HubSpot feature that allows them to forward or send a contact (name, company name, phone number, mobile, address) to a person outside of our team. They are able to do this very easily from their Iphones, allowing them to send an address book contact via text or email to a colleague, distributor, or contractor.



An example: HubSpot Owner/Sales Person wants to forward a prospect's contact information to a distributor servicing Asia. The distributor isn't a part of our HubSpot Team, so that contact's information would need to be forwarded via email. 


We've developed a template that allows this, but it's a poor workaround. The lead/prospect must be the contact in the "TO:" field of the email. The contact must be included in communication between internal sales and the distributor. We think the best place for this feature would be under the “Actions” drop down menu (see attached) where an external window is launched or a field appears to enter the recipient contact’s email.




A big part of what our sales team does is connects two parties. This feature would allow marketing and sales to know who has been connected, and who has worked together on our projects.


Thanks HubSpot Team! 

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HubSpot Moderator
HubSpot Moderator

I think this could be a great addition to the HubSpot Sales platform. Referrals with the most basic of contact info like "sharing" somebody's contact with a friend on your phone could be very useful for sales teams if they need to refer someone. Copying and pasting different contact property values is time consuming, so this could be a great addition that would speed up sales teams' workflows and improve their ability to attract, engage, and delight customers.