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We need some type of forwarding tool in hubspots inbox so we can send emails to different departments within out company. Currently we are unable to change who the email is being sent to when replying. 

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Status updated to: Delivered
Sep 29, 2020

Hello everyone, 


This feature is now available to all customers using email in Conversations Inbox & CRM. More details about this feature here -


Thank you for your patience and feedback in the process. 



Vijay Vadlamani

Status updated to: In Planning
Apr 20, 2020



Thank you everyone who participated in the survey! We got 30+ responses and have reached out to some of you to conduct user testing for this new feature. Unfortunately we are not able to do this with all of you but rest assured we will consider the feedback you have given us in the survey. 


I'll keep you all updated on the progress we make. Thank you for your patience. 



Vijay Vadlamani

Status updated to: In Planning
Apr 6, 2020

Hello everyone!


This feature is currently in the planning phase and we need your help! Please fill out this short survey and give us your feedback -


Look forward to working with this community.


Vijay Vadlamani

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We need this feature as well. 


This is absolutely essential. My team and I are shocked that this is not a feature yet. Hopefully this will be solved in the near future. 


Testing Hubspot right now and very surprised to see this lack of elementary capability for a CRM.  When reading an email, it makes sense to be able to REPLY or FORWARD them email to another recipient.


Has this been made available already?  Maybe I am missing something. 


If I need to upgrade to a higher paying plan, please let me know!



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The primary need of one of our clients is to be able to forward an email containing multiple attachments.


Presently the workaround involves opening individual attachments in the Attachments section of a Deal or Contact, clicking Share to copy the attachment address in Hubspot, and then pasting this into the email. And then repeating for every attachment, which is usually at least 5 docs. Definitely a significant complication on their current workflow, when Hubspot should be making customer conversations and communication simpler, faster.


So this is a big +1 from me.


Hi guys, any news on that issue since first comments are a little bit older already? We've started to use HubSpot but definitely need a forward function as well. A CRM / communications tool without that function is definitly lacking sth. Looking forward to a fast availabilty!


I mean... really? No ability to forward an email? This is a standard email procedure. This "feature" would really make life a lot easier!! Need to forward between depts and primary contacts on accounts. Please throw us a bone here, HubSpot!


This is literally insane, not to have a basic communications function available. Working through Hubspot is turning out to be a huge pain, since I need to forward almost half of my emails! This will likely be the dealbreaker that turns us off from becoming official paid subscribers.


Another vote for this feature. It doesn't make sense that it's missing!


This needs to be added ASAP


A forwarding option would be a great tool for my company as well.  We often forward email chains to sales representatives in our company that are not within the CRM.  


We need a forwarding option for hubspot email. It is a necessary function for our daily workflow.


We need this ability as well.


We can work around it sometimes by expanding the e-mail and changing the to address but this doesn't include the attachements.  You can search for attachments from within hubspot from the attachement button but it's far from idea.


Sometimes we need to forwarded an e-mail we recieve from one person to another person say when the first person is a customer of the second person who is our customer.


Please hubspot add forwarding functionality to hubspot conversations.  Without forwarding Hubspot conversations is missing a fundamental conversation component.


If you understand that a 'conversation' often involves including other people that were not invovled with the inception of the conversation then you can appreciate why forwarding is needed in hubspot conversations, which is at its core an email client.   I like the way conversations links to tickets in the service hub but it feels incomplete without being able to forward messages.  


Insane to me that this still is not included, considering what we pay monthly. This needs added NOW.


Any news on this?


An absolute must-have feature for us. We work as an agent for a sale and need to send enquiries to sellers and then onto buyers without having to include the contact details and email chain.


I agree with all of the above. It's a pretty basic feature. Can someone from Hubspot please confirm that this is on the development roadmap?


Yes, just been sold the conversations function only to find out that it's the only email system on planet earth that doesn't allow you to forward an email. Instead I was told that I should add any one I would like to forward an email to - as Hubspot users - of course which would cost $1000's per month??!!! You cannot make it up!


Why is this not a thing? Is there some technical hurdle you can explain to us? 


Absolutely need this.