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We need some type of forwarding tool in hubspots inbox so we can send emails to different departments within out company. Currently we are unable to change who the email is being sent to when replying. 

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We must have this feature to use the conversations inbox. We often get emails that need to be forwarded to different departments that are not on the Hubspot platform. 

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We are also looking for this feature.


Specifically, the chat forwards a transcript to the chat-ee. If they reply to the transcript via email, it comes into the conversations inbox, but there was no way for me to easily forward her inquiry - as the person who handles her question is not a user in HubSpot.


A workaround I found was to reply to the email, but delete the chat-ee and input the email address of the person to whom it needs to go.



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Having the ability to forward emails within HubSpot would be valuable for our customers.  This is a limitation within HubSpot and this enhancement would be great.

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It's great to be able to edit the "to" field and the "BCC" field when replying but if we could actually forward that would be fantastic! 


Thank you. 

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This Extension would be super helpful. And is highly needed!


We get a lot of emails in our inbox and want to sort them internally without going back to Gmail or copying the whole text.

Would make life so much easier.



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We need this too

Status updated to: In Planning
HubSpot Product Team

Hello everyone!


This feature is currently in the planning phase and we need your help! Please fill out this short survey and give us your feedback -


Look forward to working with this community.


Vijay Vadlamani

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Following thread. This will be extremely useful for our team. Hope to see it soon!

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Agree - forwarding from the conversation inbox would be excellent 

Status updated to: In Planning
HubSpot Product Team



Thank you everyone who participated in the survey! We got 30+ responses and have reached out to some of you to conduct user testing for this new feature. Unfortunately we are not able to do this with all of you but rest assured we will consider the feedback you have given us in the survey. 


I'll keep you all updated on the progress we make. Thank you for your patience. 



Vijay Vadlamani

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Wow, now the decision is kind of weird. HubSpot finds ways to surprise its clients.

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Can I get a beta of this?? I have been asking for this feature for awhile and we would love to be able to test it out. 

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We also would use this feature daily. Perfect example: we get a lot of subscription notifications and receipts to our shared inbox that we need to routinely forward to our bookkeeper or our financial tools emails (like HubDoc or As of now we have to copy and paste them out of Service Hub OR login directly to the email which is not something we want multiple team members to have to get in the habit of doing and it then won't show how it was handled/forwarded in HubSpot.

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The life of our Service reps will be so much easier with the forwarding tool, but it must be available in tickets as well, not just in the inbox!

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Really need this feature too. We have support requests that come in and need to be passed on to an external development team that aren't users of HubSpot. 

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Our organistion is also very keen to be able to forward emails from the conversations inbox to internal and external team members who are not in the HubSpot environment.


Currently we have to access Office 365 to forward emails creating additional work. 




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I have the same concern. When we change the "reply-to" recipient (instead of forwarding) it does not allow us to forward the attachments. This is a huge need for us and something I expected to be a feature as with all email providers. Disappointed. 

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Hi vvadlamani,


ist there any update on that issue? Timeline etc.?


We need to forward Emails from Conversations & CRM DataSet with attachements (eg. invoices).


Thank you,



Status updated to: Delivered
HubSpot Product Team

Hello everyone, 


This feature is now available to all customers using email in Conversations Inbox & CRM. More details about this feature here -


Thank you for your patience and feedback in the process. 



Vijay Vadlamani