Forward Emails from Conversations

We need some type of forwarding tool in hubspots inbox so we can send emails to different departments within out company. Currently we are unable to change who the email is being sent to when replying. 

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This is a really important feature, when will it be available??

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We also need this!

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Definitely forwarding is needed, wierd that it isn`t implemented from the beggining. 


Quite often we have situation that we need to need to forward specific tickets (with emails) to an email address outside of HubSpot. I thought that I can do this using workflow. Maybe something like: when ticket property "category" will have value "forward" send internal email with ticket properties to proper email address? But it is a way of circumventing the lack of a feature. And of course will work only if it will be just one email address... don`t know if this make sense. 

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I have noooo idea how this slipped past us when we signed on. It should've been a deal-breaker, but we never thought for a second that we couldn't forward emails. The conversations section is meant to be an inbox, and inboxes allow for replies, forwards, bccs, etc. This forces us to have to maintain a separate inbox in addition to HS. We just started with HS not too long ago, and so far, we LOVE it, but this is super disappointing! Fingers crossed for an update soon! Thank you for providing this platform where we can offer product feedback. Smiley Happy 

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We have found a work around that you can reply to a message and change the address to whoever you want to forward the message to.

It looks like it doesn't include the message, but it does.  (try a test by replying, but adding your email as the To address.  You get it similar to a forward.


Still seems silly that there is a need for a work around AND doesn't forward attachments, just the text.  NEED FORWARD ablity.

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Please please please work on this feature as soon as possible, my team really needs it to be able to work properly. 

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YES please!

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Any news about this? We need to forward and reply all features on the HubSpot Inbox

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Hubspot was promoted to us as the best new thing in business. 


To subesquently discover that one of the most basic tools in business (replying to or forwarding on an email enquiry) was not considered worthy of inclusion by the developers is just staggering.  What's worse, nothing appears to be happening in this area as I am seeing forum contributions dating back nine months, all requesting this feature but with no progression from Hubspot.


It does not inspire confidence.


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We need this feature as well.