Forward Emails from Conversations

We need some type of forwarding tool in hubspots inbox so we can send emails to different departments within out company. Currently we are unable to change who the email is being sent to when replying. 

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its a must toghether with ability to save drafts etc.

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PLEASE!! WHYY are we not able to forward emails !?!?! 

We really need to be able to forward email threads to non-hubspot-users (external email addresses). For example, we need to forward a conversation to a Transaction aquiring financial institution, as a proof of business transaction between us and a client. Forwarding is not possible and we can in no way proof that the payment made by the client is VALID because Hubspot LOCKS IT IN !! This makes it possible for a client to reject a payment for services that we already provided due to no proof !! 



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We need this feature within Service Hub as well

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This is something we need to have as well, the ability to forward the email to other person in the company is key! 

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Being able to forward emails outside of Hubspot and retain the email header info is a must-have!

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We need this, too. It's enough to cause us to not be able to use the conversations inbox feature right now. Bummer.

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This is a must have in any email inbox, please develop it. We also need it in the #ticket section.

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This is something that is in very high demand by my team and will definetly add to the success we have using hubspot.

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Agree,  this definitely needs to be added ASAP; we need to forward emails with attachments to production and currently cannot do so!

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In fact, it needs to be an option within the contact area not just the Conversations inbox.