Forms within CRM Extensions

As a shipping company, having a native form within a CRM Extension for quickly quoting clients based on their shipment details (from, to, shipping weight, dimensions) would be outstanding. I know I can use the iframe modal window option to go to our quote tool on our website, but we'd likely open another tab rather than use the modal since it locks out the rest of the Hubspot window when open.


Expanding the application, having forms within CRM extensions could be used for quotes, appts, registrations, and other calendar tasks.  The fields would not be necessarily need to be saved to the Company or Contact profile (although a log of what is submitted would be nice).  When the Action btn is clicked, all the fields within the CRM extension form are sent to a URL just like a typical AJAX request.  Then there could be a div below the submit btn where the response could be shown (see image below for potential integration).  


The benefit to having all this within the CRM extension and outside a modal window is that the user can continue updating profile information while completing the form (e.g. inputting call information while completing the form with the client over the phone).