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Forms to validate fake email addresses


The issue is that we get several form submissions from fake email addresses, such as These are humans that do not want to give their personal data but want to access our gated content. These creates 2 issues for us:


1) Our database grows with fake contacts

2) We give content to users without knowing their contact details



HubSpot could have an integration with platforms such as ( to verify if an email address is valid on the fly. If it is not, a validation error should be triggered.

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Agree! ReCaptcha only can do so much. Another layer of security to validate the email address on the spot would be super helpful!

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This is an interesting idea. I'll just add that it wouldn't be hard for people to submit a random email that isn't theirs, like "". One solution to this issue would be to have the gated content be accessible only through email. So you would still have the form, but once it's filled out a message appears saying thank you, please check your email for a download link or something like that. 


There can be multiple use-cases for this.


One solution could be to allow/disallow (blocklist/allowlist) specific domains and for HubSpot to maintain a dabase of the spamming domains, like this WordPress plugin which blocks thousands of free email domains.






I'm in the same boat, ACohen 1000%. Just got like 6 form submissions in a row with spammy email addresses and Im at my wits end. Did you ever find a solution or are you just living with it (like I have for 4 years now?) ha. 


Unfortunately still living with this as HubSpot didnt provide a solution for it yet 😞