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Forms reporting - expose Number of Submitters

We are fans of the new beta Forms reporting feature.

However I think it's slightly misleading to show the total number of Form Submissions that took place in a given time period - without also highlighting the number of Unique People who submitted those forms. 

If one Contact fills out a form 10 times, then it shows up as 10 submissions. 
This may be misleading to the consumer of the report.


We need the ability to quickly and easily get down to the number of Unique Contacts who executed those Form submissions... right now this is not an easy thing to do in HubSpot.

In the Forms reporting area, it'd be great if we could extract this detail:

This Month
1000 Form Submissions    // Total Form Submissions in the timeframe
   800 Unique Contacts      //  Total Contacts who Submitted a Form in  the timeframe
      500 Net New                // Contacts who were created as a result of Submitting a form during timeframe

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I also wish we could remove "test" or spam fills from form analytics.