Forms need to have a reply-to property you can set


I'd like to set the "Email" field to be the reply-to address when replying to emails submitted through Hubspot Forms on my website. This way when I reply to those submissions from my inbox, the to field will the submitter's email address. Currently when I reply to emails, the default to address is which is not helpful.

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Status updated to: Not Currently Planned
HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Hey @coadycameron all emails sent out must be sent from an email server. HubSpot uses our internal notifications system and server to send out form notification emails. These notification emails are meant to inform recipients of the fields submit on a form submission. 

Sending an email requires control over an email server, this means, in order for an email to be set as a reply to email address the sending server must have control over the reply to address to set this. It would be difficult and relatively intrusive for us to request control over a submitters email address upon form submission and this would definitely affect form conversions. 


If you have the HubSpot workflows tool, you could setup a custom notification email using this guide:

You could then use a personalisation token in here for the contacts email within a "mailto:" link. Which could easily be clicked to open a new email to go to the contact. 

For example you could set "click here to reply" as a link, which would link to "mailto:{{}}" which when clicked would populate an email to the contact who submit the form. 


I hope this helps! 


@Tom couldn't you just set the reply-to property in the header of the notification email to whatever email the user input in the form? That is not intrusive?

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

It's definitely something we can investigate within the future. Thanks for the feedback. I'll be sure to update this idea if we have any product updates on this. 


I really think Hubspot should configured the "Reply-To" header with the user email. This way, the sender will still be "", but at least, we will be able to reply directly to the customer.

I almost always want to reply to people directly from the "New submission on HubSpot Form" email received. But everytime, I'm just writing back to "".


I'm with edutechno. It makes for a very non-streamlined approach to have to create a contact by hand every time a form entry comes through. Please make this happen, HubSpot.


I'm also requesting that HubSpot  implement the "reply-to" update per this thread.


I recently updated the client submission form on our website from Contact Form 7 (which had the reply functionality being requested on this thread) to HubSpot (which doesn't).  We love the look of the HubSpot form!  But the process of replying directly to a client even with the G Suite HubSpot plugin installed, is tedious and involves too much copy and paste.  


Please consider configuring the "reply-to" header with the user email. 

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Hi Everyone!


@CM_TX I would like to leave a similar idea in this comment. Please go ahead and upvote this idea and comment on any additional features you would like to add to it! The more upvotes the idea post has, the better the likelihood of it getting implemented 🙂