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Forms in Custom Report Builder

Hi there, 


As a HubSpot user, I would like to analyse forms and their submission in the custom report builder.
This was already possible in beta, but was unfortunately removed again upon release.

Unfortunately, @JoeMayall's  solution to this only works to a limited extent for our use case: "The best place to analyze form submissions is in the Form Analytics page (Analytics Tools > Forms)"

What we need:


  • Filter submissions (e.g. by lifecyclestage of the contact)
  • Further data on submissions (e.g. on which website took it place).
  • Further options for graphical representation. Currently there are only Area, Column and Line.
  • Drill down from the report to the individual contact. Similar to almost all existing reports, a table should open when the report is interacted with. At present, the report only links to the form.
  • And most importantly: A report that depends on the exact time of the submission. First and recent conversion are too imprecise for this.


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June 18, 2024 09:01 AM

Hi everyone,


I'd like to thank you all for taking the time to submit, vote, and comment on this Idea.


My name is Sabari Ram, and I’m the Product Manager responsible for this feature. 

I'm happy to announce that this feature is now In Development. 

I will keep this thread updated as we get close to releasing the feature. Thank you for your patience.



Sabari Ram

Product Lead

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I would like this functionality added also please.

Participant | Diamond Partner

Upvoting for a client that needs the same! 

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We need to create a report on the number of form submissions of a group of forms in total on a daily basis (How many submissions do our content download form gather per day?)


Upvoted! We need to exclude spam forms from the reports, and we want to use a custom property already created. I see several other use cases for this custom report on form submissions... we look forward to this feature being available! Thanks. 


Would be a valuable feature for reporting.

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All I need was a simple report: total form submissions over time from a combination of forms. Here's something close to it and a workaround to get it.
Examples of usecases: total whitepaper submissions over different languages, total contact submissions over different business units, etc.

You can create this report from the Form overview for a single form:


If you have multiple forms you can do it from Form - Analyze. But here it also shows the amount of views, you can hide it by hiding the filter, but I really hate it that you can't hide the views by default. A simple cumulative of submissions over time is enough.

Default view:


What you would like:


Workaround to get this done including historic data:

  1. Create a custom property with a date to datestamp submissions
  2. Create a workflow that saves the date on submission if this property was empty
  3. Export all form submissions. Convert the date format from a Hubsport export date to import date, "2023-08-05 07:52:20 AM" to "08/05/2023"
    1. Name the column as your datestamp property
    2. I used this Dutch formula in Excel, you might have to tweak the Enlish ChatGPT conversion below. Delete the spaces, DE EL turns into **bleep**
      =TEXT(DATE(VALUE(LEFT(B2,4)), VALUE(MID(B2,6,2)), VALUE(MID(B2,9,2))), "MM/DD/YYYY")
  4. Import data back to HubSpot
  5. Create form on contact property
  6. Bonus for reporting on downloads: you can also use a CTA button to your file to trigger the datestamp if you share it without a form like in an email


I think this is a really basic report and the data is already in HubSpot, you don't want an overload of datestamp properties but it would be nice if there's a simple checkbox to save this data when you create a form.


Upvoted! Surprised this is still in the queue. Would be extremely valuable to see all demo and contact forms submitted over a specific timeframe, on one report. The form > analyze that @Mattheus describes is a good workaround, but doesn't allow for additional filtering. For example - exlcluding competitors, employees, testers, deleted contacts, etc.


Hopeful for improved reporting options soon. 



100% yes. The ability to visualize multiple form submissions on a chart or graph would be super helpful so you could see, at a glance, which ones were performing well over time. 

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@ESzymanski yes you can still use the workaround. What I suggest for your reports to show clean data is to make a list of employees, partners, competitors and exclude the list from the report filter. Or, exclude them from datestamping.


Totally bananas that form submission data still isn't available in the Custom Report Builder. Sure, there are workarounds, but...come on Hubspot. Upvoted!


Adding to this, it is a shame Hubspot does not have this feature, as it is very important for all the marketers to see the conversions of the form submissions into the sales pipeline to view all the sales activities ; the percentage and the number of contacts -who have been added to the pipeline and contacted for sponsorship etc. The only thing we are able to see atm is the total number of submissions and the activities for each prospect only if we go through one by one - but we should be able to have custom reports for a specific pipeline or contacted contacts.


Hope Hubspot will provide this soon

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Having a custom form reporting tool is highly needed! the analyze tool just doesn't meet our needs entirely.


+1. Seems counter to how Hubspot should be in terms of being easy for users.


I've had stakeholders want this information on a dashboard for automated reporting. They're now frustrated and are using Looker Studio to report in another method, reducing their trust in Hubspot and impacting platform usage & adoption. Makes it hard to champion Hubspot in my org when it can't do simple things in places where it matters.


We absolutely need this!


I feel like this used to exist and now the form specific data isn't in the custom report building. Ugh.


+ one! At least before there was the possiblities to do some reports based on form submissions? But that feature is deleted!?


We just launched HS and were shocked this was not an out-of-the-box option.  I hope it's something Hubspot takes into consideration with how many people are stating how important this enhancement would be.

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This would be a huge addition to the custom report builder 🙌 


its been almost 3 years since someone suggested the idea and i think it is an amazing idea. its sad to see not being implemented. 


"A report that depends on the exact time of the submission. First and recent conversion are too imprecise for this." - I agree with this statement. I'd love to see more options for reporting on Forms. Also, I recently upvoted an Idea regarding "removing form submissions" so we can clean up spammy form submissions from Google Ads and forms submitted by companies trying to sell to us