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Hi there, 


As a HubSpot user, I would like to analyse forms and their submission in the custom report builder.
This was already possible in beta, but was unfortunately removed again upon release.

Unfortunately, @JoeMayall's  solution to this only works to a limited extent for our use case: "The best place to analyze form submissions is in the Form Analytics page (Analytics Tools > Forms)"

What we need:


  • Filter submissions (e.g. by lifecyclestage of the contact)
  • Further data on submissions (e.g. on which website took it place).
  • Further options for graphical representation. Currently there are only Area, Column and Line.
  • Drill down from the report to the individual contact. Similar to almost all existing reports, a table should open when the report is interacted with. At present, the report only links to the form.
  • And most importantly: A report that depends on the exact time of the submission. First and recent conversion are too imprecise for this.


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HubSpot Employee

Hi team,


commenting for a customer here.

To follow up on this, would love to see number of form submissions tagged to each landing page as well. Currently, we can see it in traffic analytics tool but not in our custom report builder.

Thank you!

Key Advisor

To add to that, the ability to show this on a dashboard report would be ideal as well. Being able to identify specific forms in a report with number of submissions, lifecycle stage when form was submitted etc.