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Forms: HubSpot Owner as a Field Option

It would be useful if you were able to select the Hubspot Owner as a Field on a Form. In certain situations, you want to assign specific leads to a particular user based on the form that is submitted. I know that you can do it in a workflow, but when you don't need any automation built around the form submission, it will make it much more efficient to be able to assign the Hubspot Owner at the Form level. 

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We have an INTERNAL form the sales team uses to submit information so it would be really helpful to be able to pull in contact owner property and provide the ability to only show a certain team in the list.


It would turn my sales agents life a lot easier if they could have their own landing pages with Hubspot forms assigning them the contacts ownership...


I agree that assigning this in a form would be useful. Upvoting.


I second this improvement.


PLEAAAAASE ADD THIS...  Spent an hour with Hubspot trying to figure a workaround and the only way we can do it is by manually exporting a range of form submissions and re-importing them while assigning a contact owner.  Or by manually doing it one at a time.  We have a ton of options for who the contact owner would be so building a workflow with 100's of branches and making sure to update that every time we add a team member is not a reasonable ask.


Could there be a workflow option to link a submission selection to a contact owner.  i.e."Make name selected in _____ field the contact owner."  Seems like a massive gap.


I agree that this is a massive gap in functionality and I can't believe more people haven't raised it.  I understand the need to upgrade to Professional if you want to be clever about how ownership of leads are assigned across a team but for those not yet at that level there needs to be someway to assign new leads to someone when they arrive.  Even if it is just to assign all leads from a form to one person in the options settings.  Otherwise we have new leads created in the CRM that are unassigned and we can't create tasks or emails to alert anyone because they are all left unassigned.

The Options Settings for the form allows you to "Send Submission Email to Contacts Owner" but it provides no way to actually set the Contacts Owner ?!?!?

Poorly thought through.


We have Professional and still don't have this functionality. I'm
sorting through hundreds of individual form submissions today to assign
contact owners. MASSIVE waste of time and gap in this functionality.

A massive +1 from me for this.  We want to assign incoming phone enquiries to team members at the point of capturing data, not by filling in a form, then going to Inbox and assigning it there...


Been investigating this myself and really struggling with a workflow workaround. We NEEEEED this functionality in HS. 


Needs to be implemented urgently!

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We're working with multiple Enterprise accounts that really need this feature! These companies have massive sales teams, so the 'workaround' of having a custom field on the form that can then map to the owner field using a workflow really just isn't viable, staff will come and go and there would need to be hundreds of branches in the workflow that would be ever changing...


Here are a few use cases were contact owner fields in forms would be super helpful:
- An internal sales form where sales reps can register leads they speak to, and use the form to add these to the CRM when out in the field. They need the leads they enter into the form to be assigned to them immediately

- An event is taking place that was planned and hosted by sales, everyone a rep speaks to at the event will fill in a form and this will create the contacts in the CRM, but they will need to be assign to the rep who spoke to them (rep specific forms with a hidden contact owner field would be perfect here!)




Big upvote for this functionality.

We utilise forms from our internal sales team to submit research requests to a secondary business unit (Research BU). While our Research BU does exist on HubSpot as a user, they don't live there and they do not have the capacity to check on the contact association and the contact owner of every request that comes through, but they do need to know who the owner of the research request (which is the contact owner) is for their own internal processes.

Having to create a secondary custom property that matches with the HubSpot default contact owner and mapping a prop-copy workflow has so much unnecessary redundancy and is a large source of frustration and contributes to unnecessary messy data and extraneous workflows that clog up a folder system that isn't as advanced as it also might be. 

This also directly relates to the Idea post RE: allowing deal properties to be populated within Forms (for which we have the same usecase) -

These seem like very low input opportunities for the HS Dev & Mngmnt team to increase customer satisfaction and grant flexibility for useage of tools outside of their initial scope. In talking with a support rep today about this, they were able to dig out the following response to a similar internal request from 2016 "this does not really sound like a functionality that we would want being set on the form level. Aside from owner relationships not being a trivial Product implementation. Creating the ability to do this from the form level then leads way to users wanting to set this property as a field on the form level(which is not its intended usecase)."

I would hope the HS teams have evolved since that time and will acknowledge the different needs of business for their variety of tools.


When our sales team attend events they use forms a controlled way of entering new leads to our database. In order to ensure that sales reps can locate and follow up with their new leads we would need to assign that new lead an owner at input - we need owner properties available on forms!