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Forms Bug: Company-Contact Association mismatch

This may not be a DIRECT bug, but it is an oversight.




We work with a lot of small businesses. They have Domains, but oftentimes, email addresses are NOT a match.





As you can see, hubspot clearly can't match them, so we have a simle workaround:

  • We are able to create the company and attach records as we want. Company > Add Contact
  • Also works great on import of CSV (if they are on same row)


But in FORMS

We want to update contact/company info.  Collect new leads.  But it is failing us.



  1. Go to our form.
  2. Add company Name
  3. Add company Domain 
  4. Add Contact-name
  5. Add contact-email

In this case, we create 1 company and 1 contact, but do NOT associate them. 


While this is not a "total bug" it does seem completely illogical: If I create company properties+contact properties in a form, can you imagine a case where I would NOT want to associate?