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Formatting phone number

It would be great to have the possibility to adapt type of phone number to harmonize all the numbers. For instance when we have +33 or 33... to have all the same format of phone numbers.

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The fact that this can't be done via OPerations Hub drives me crazy!


Hi @SOuazana,


Yes this would be an amazing feature but it looks like HubSpot is building out features in the phone number formatting area, so perhaps in the near future!


Also thought I should share that Insycle can help with this. Full disclosure, I work for Insycle, but it has some pretty cool phone number formatting features so I thought it might be helpful based on your suggestions. 


A few things that Insycle can do to help with regarding phone number formatting.


  • Formatting phone numbers in bulk. Insycle offers several pre-built phone number formatting templates that help you to format to popular standard templates (like E. 164 or typical US formats). You can also build your own custom formatting templates based on your specific needs. Here is our documentation on this. 
  • Injecting country codes. You can also filter records by country, and inject the correct country code (then format the phone number as a whole). 
  • Finding invalid phone numbers. Such as not having the correct number of digits, and stripping out symbols, letters, etc. if need be. 
  • Automating all of these. The above can be scheduled to run on a consistent defined schedule, or even integrated into HubSpot Workflows, so that these actions happen automatically after data enters your HubSpot CRM database. 

Hope that was helpful! 




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Thank you @RBozeman !

We finally chose another native app - didn't know yours by the time...

But I'll recommend Incycle if question is raised by new customers;