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Formatting in Meetings invite description

I need to be able to format (bold, italic, underline) in the Meetings Invite

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Currently, the ability to edit Meeting Links Invitation Description is rather limited especially when it comes to embedding download links (.pdf) such as a Media Kit/Catalog. One will have to copy/paste the entire url

e.g. " Download File:" in the invitation description area. 

Invitation DescriptionInvitation Description

Additionally, we're not able to customise the Confirmation and Meeting Reminder Emails content. Therefore, a Rich Text Editor Functionality (similar to Email Editor) applied to all 3 sections of the Meeting Links will be great! 

Confirmation and Pre-Meeting Reminder EmailsConfirmation and Pre-Meeting Reminder Emails


We need this! I see that we can do it in this text box here, so the functionality is probably already built! 

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This is a very basic requirement, but Hubspot have just replied to me on a support ticket that this is not coming and they don't see a need for it.


I suggest you like and post on this one.


From the answer (chat ticket #3791241):


Understand you have closed out this ticket as we have found a workaround to the issue, but I just wanted to drop you a quick summary explaining the issue a little further after I reached out to the product team regarding this.

The team highlighted to me that this is a known behavior with our integration and Microsoft Outlook API. When no description is added to an event, Outlook creates the event with the default "ContentType" HTML. When a description is added by the user in HubSpot, they explicitly set the "ContentType" to Plain Text. This is because the product team saw a myriad of issues around description translations and tokenization when creating HTML description events in Outlook. Therefore, this has been the behavior of the integration for the past 5 years.

We are continuously collating feedback from customers who have raised this issue to us, but so far, since there is a workaround to it, and there hasn't been much volume of concerns, this is going to be the expected working behavior for now moving forward with Outlook created invite events, until there comes a time where it is causing widespread issues, that would allow them to further invest into making the change to HTML and fixing all of the associated issues that comes after.

I do hope this helps to provide a little more clarity to the issue regardless!

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The current behaviour is inconsistent when the appointments are sent via Office 365. Add something and the appointment is in HTML format, add another item and then it changes to TEXT format.


We need to add e.g. Microsoft Teams links and they don't work with TEXT the link is turn to text and not the meeting link.


Honestly, I don't care about the format as long as it does not change unpredictably.


Agree with the 32 other upvotes, that this would make for a much better experience for the clients if we can add the personalisation tokens into the body of the invitation text.  This is at the core of the principles of the "Buyers Journey" which Hubspot is based on. 


The original pic posted for this idea is exactly what is needed. 


The auto emails are inauthentic and don't communicate important information, like how the the receiptient can join the meeting. Drift allows users to customize their invite emails and it saves a lot of hassle.




Plus: HubSpot should also allow editing the from address, title and description of meeting confirmation email and reminder.


I've registered in these forums just to upvote this, it's frustrating for two reasons:

  1. I want to add a Teams invite to the calendar event, but when I sent it the link is stripped as it isn't 'plain text'
  2. I want to be able to address the person by name, eg 'Hi Bob'
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The ability to add bullet point like this:

  • would
  • be
  • SO
  •  MUCH'
  • BETTER!!!

Please add this!!!



When using snippets for an invite description, the bullet points aren't pulled through to the actual invite in my google calendar.

Looks tacky.