Form submission creates Conversation

There is currently no connection between form collection and Conversation Inbox. Massive design oversight on their part.


I have multiple websites with embedded contact forms as entry points into my sales and marketing teams. Now my form submissions are simply emailed and are associated with the generic HubSpot email, requiring a couple steps to properly associate with the contact. This is really lame and an easy fix.


How it should work

1) Form submission creates contact (working)

2) Form submission shows up in Conversation Inbox as a new thread and associated with the contact that HubSpot just created.

3) Nice formating of form responses to create a clean customer-facing image.


To hack this process I forward the form reponse to my Inbox email. It shows up as an ugly HS form response email which is then in the reply I send to the customer. There is no way to customize subject and format to not show internal/hidden form data. 


Since there is no auto association, it isn't possible to do any filtering in conversations without doing all the manual steps listed above.


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I agree. I was completely surprised to find that forms do not create new conversations. Until this gets addressed I will need to use a third-party form solution.

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This is very confusing for our support team.  Chats and emails go to one place, forms are handled a completely different way.  It would be very helpful and reasonable to have a way to connect a form to the Conversations Inbox so that form submissions appear as conversations and are easily responded to.  This is useful for us for our generic "talk to us" form, our quick support questions form that does not require a whole ticket workflow, and our landing page lead forms, which are triaged by our customer service team before being assigned to sales.

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+1 for this! Great idea

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+1. This seems like a no brainer. Can't believe a contact form (aka lead gen) doesn't automatically initiate a conversation..

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+1! great idea!

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Yes!!! Absolutely right.

This should be such a basic function of a system.


The message input from a webform should go directly into the Conversations inbox (and the CRM data in the CRM system).

Now chat/email and webforms endup in different parts of the system. Weird and very inconvenient!

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Yes, agree!

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Absolutely support this. Has there been any reply from the Hubspot team?

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It's really lame that this is missing indeed, how can we have contact forms being handled in Conversations Inbox otherwise?

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Cmon hubspot, it's time to implement this!

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I am considering migrating from Zoho to Hubspot. I created a test "contact us" form and completed a test message. The message did not show up in my conversations or tickets. I did get an alert in a different inbox, but if I do not notice the alert, I will miss the message altogether. Shouldn't the message show up in my conversations or tickets, so I do not miss it?  And who wants to go check a different inbox to find messages that should be in Zoho? It creates uncesssary work: go to my other inbox, click the link, go to zoho, respond, then going back the other inbox and delete the alert email. It does not take long, but it adds up, and it easily become disorganized. It seems really odd that Hubspot would work this way, considering how meticulus Hubspot seems to be. 

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They just announced this feature finally 👏🏻 Look forward to using it.

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hopefully, the migration happens soon, one would hope for a fast rollout for such an incredibly needed feature.


I have the forms nav in my conversations


However when I pick connect a form I cannot select forms I have created difrectly in forms


When I create a form I am given the standard issue style form and I cannot delete elements to be more like a simple contact form - i.e. remove issue field


So this is way of being complete

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This would be such a great idea! The current configuration leaves a big gap in the response process. 

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@JPeckett they have released this feature already so if you don't have it maybe reach out to Hubspot to get it added to your account.

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Great to see they have added the Support forms to Conversations but the fact the Support forms and Marketing forms are separate still leaves a big gap in practicality. Why not allow Marketing forms to be connected to Conversations? 



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@JPeckett I Completely agree with this! I don't understand why this is not yet implemented... 

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Why is hubspot making responding to marketing forms so difficult?
A user that submits a web form currently creates a new contact, but not a conversation!

That form input should show up in conversations so my team can respond without having to hunt for the contact.
This is my #1 annoyance with hubspot. Considering leaving just for this.
Can someone from hubspot please respond?